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Filmstalker's Week: 9th to 16th September 2007

Newspapers.jpgI'm going to try something new here, a weekly round up of news, features and competitions on Filmstalker.

There's some good stuff here, and if you've missed any you'll find all the best stuff right here. This has actually opened my eyes to just how much I write in a week...and it's just me, I'm not one of these sites that has four or five writers to soak the entire site, I just pick out the most interesting stuff, and this is the best of that.

I'm also including a little section for the running competitions and things to look forward too.

See what you think and let me know if you like it. I want to get back to a few more regular features, like getting the Films on TV started again. Anyway, enough of that, onto the weekly round up. See what you've missed.

Iron Man footage debacle - Will he fly or will he not? Of course he will stupid, how couldn't he? News sources try to hype it up the wrong way.

Filmstalker can let you see pre-release screenings for free, and you might get to meet stars too.

Michael Henke's Funny Games has a teaser online, and it looks a lot like Clockwork Orange.

Jackie Chan is looking for a successor in a reality game show. The winner will be taught with all his knowledge. Hopefully that will be pre-Hollywood knowledge!

The trailer is online for the feature film version of Shake Hands with the Devil, based on the harrowing story of the UN Commander based in Rwanda during the horrifying genocide trying to save people with next to no world backing.

The Fast and the Furious 4 gets a Director and release date, and this isn't from an excited fan, this is from Universal studios.

I look at the best of the proposed studio releases before the big Hollywood strike and give you some insight into the big pre-strike film schedule document that was leaked.

Stephen King's Talisman has dies once again on it's way to the small screen. That said they are confident that it will get made, just not yet.

Feature: Ben Affleck delays Gone Baby Gone after the ongoing McCann case makes them think that the entire cinema audience will be upset.

The first teaser trailer for Saw IV has arrived and it looks a total corker. Beware though it opens with a total spoiler for Saw III.

"Biddy Biddy Biddy, hiya Buck!" The classic television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century is set for a remake for the big screen.

The remake of TRON is moving forward as we hear that the orginal co-Writer and Director is producing.

Both Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) and Oldboy arrive on Blu-ray with some pretty cool features.

The trailer for Iron Man has arrived, and in Quicktime HD. It looks stunningly good.

Another remake hits us, this time it's the classic Philip K. Dick story starring big man Arnie, Total Recall.

I was surprised that no one picked up on the release of three minutes of Uwe Boll's Postal , especially since it arrived the day before September 11th and showed the hijackers of a 9/11 flight joking away and flying straight into the Twin Towers. Well, one site did, but they didn't seemingly see it through me...

UK residents can Win Jindabyne DVD's, a cracking film starring Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney.

UK, U.S. and Canadian residents can win posters galore including Jodie Foster's The Brave One, a Director signed The Flying Scotsman and License to Wed.

Coming Soon...
More of the usual news, and as you can see that's a lot!

The final few reviews from the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

A competition to win prizes from the horror comedy Black Sheep - T Shirts and stress sheep!

If I can find the time the launch of a new area for the readers.

Some Real Life stuff
September 11th.

The great Scottish racing driver Colin McRae dies tragically with his young son, a friend and his young son in a helicopter crash.

Formula 1 is getting ridiculous.

Scotland beats France in the World Cup qualifying!



Wow, that's Filmstalker in less than 5 minutes! :P

I tried to do something like that via a weekly podcast, but I found it difficult to do verbally and in one take...

I have a lot more respect for other podcasters and radio talk show hosts now. :-)


I don't see it as being something that can really come across with someone talking through it.

Frankly podcasts featuring one person just don't work unless they're really good at public speaking, or are a stand-up comedian!

Can't say I disagree. That's why I've kind of let mine fade away.


so why don't you guys hook up and do a podcast together?

I think we disagree too much, LOL. Plus we run different sites.




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