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The Heartbreak Kid new clip and trailer

BenStiller.jpgI'm not such a big fan of the comedy genre that relies on body gags and slapstic, and so The Heartbreak Kid passed me by when the trailer came out and I was quite happy for it. However I've actually just watched it, and there are a couple of really good laugh out loud moments, and the trailer and a new clip are right here.

Ben Stiller plays Eddie, a man who can't commit and doesn't really want to, so when he finally meets a girl he thinks he really loves he's persuaded just to take the plunge. The honeymoon is a three week road trip that begins to show Eddie that his wife, played by Malin Akerman, isn't the one for him, on so many levels...in fact on every level. It's on the honeymoon that he meets Miranda, played by Michelle Monaghan, and he realises she is the one. Oops.

Oh I had to laugh at the deviated septum joke. Laugh out loud. The music is superb too, a bit of ELO never goes amiss. What do you think, is The Heartbreak Kid a hit for Stiller? The film certainly has some positive writing pedigree on it from Scott Armstrong and Leslie Dixon as well as the Farrelly Brothers who direct as well.





This trailer is insane! LOL

Looking forward to it. Have always loved Ben Stiller. ;)



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