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New Saw IV teaser online

SawIV.jpgEarlier today a new teaser for Saw IV appeared online touted as a clip of the autopsy of a major character – I'm refraining from the Saw III (Filmstalker review) spoilers until later on in the story – and it was quickly removed with a statement that the studio had asked them to remove it.

Now another autopsy clip that features the same major character has appeared on another site and it turns out to be an actual teaser for the film. More than that it shows the first tape discovery and the set-up for the first Jigsaw game.

Okay so if you haven't seen Saw III and you want to, I suggest not reading any further or watching the clip, because there are huge spoilers ahead.

Wahlberg's character was actually the real Jigsaw all along! Just kidding, that was for anyone still reading when they shouldn't. Okay, here we go.

The clip for Saw IV features the autopsy of Jigsaw himself, and after watching this there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that he's dead. However, it shows how the tape is discovered and what it has to say.

There are also some further clips from the film including some brief glimpses of some of the other traps, and I have to say it's looking intense.

You can see the excellent clip over at the equally superb HorrorMovies.ca [Flash:Embed], a site I fully endorse and are one of the best creditors for sources.

What do you think of the clip? More to the point, what do you think of the autopsy?!



I'm wondering how long more they can milk this puppy. The trailer seems to indicate that they're just trying to compete with other "shock horror" films like Hostel in terms of showing more gore and dismembered bodies.

Sorry, but that's not going to attract me.



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