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The Fast and the Furious 4 gets Director

FastandtheFurious.jpgUpdate: 03/10/2007: Latest News: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are officially in talks for the fourth film and Justin Lin is confirmed as Director.

Before we've just heard seriously vague rumours, or fans posting comments saying that the film is definitely on. Now though the studio has put it in black and white that The Fast and the Furious 4 has a Director.

A document is being circulated around the major talent agencies in Hollywood that lists all the fils that the studios are pushing through as a priority before the impending strike from the separate Guilds of Writers, Directors and Screen Actors next year, more on the list later, but for now the important note is that The Fast and the Furious 4 is going to be one of those fast tracked films.

The Director has also been listed alongside the film, Justin Lin. So we're likely to see The Fast and Furious 4 directed by Justin Lin from Universal completing filming before the strike happens.

However, looking at the list of films that are currently at Universal for that period of time, and the entire list of films (see a later story) that are on that sheet, you might be right in thinking that it's going to be a very busy time in Hollywood.

Coming Soon, who have the document, also tell us that these might not be set in stone just yet. Some of these names may not be signed (even Justin Lin) and it may be in negotiations, but the intent from the studio is to get the film made.

That's great news all round for fans of the series and fans of the cars. The question now is who will be returning. Since this list is circulating talent agencies you can bet that this is to find out who is available and interested.

With Hollywood going to be busier than ever trying to get projects out I think it's going to be tight to try and reunite the dream team of all the previous Fast and the Furious stars in this fourth film. For that matter it might be tight to get it made at all, but it looks like they are under starters orders. Now we need to get Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Lucas Black all back on board. Too much to ask?



HAHA First to post.

I can not wait for this movie to come out. This in fact will be the LAST FILM for the series I believe. Hopefully, the 3 major stars can come to an agreement and get together for the movie. If that is the case, it will be interesting to see how the plot gets them all involved. I do think that this movie will come back to the US though. With that being said, there are too many new cars being assembled to not at least think about doing this movie and have it turn out to be a success. Think about it, cars in these movies have all had a boost in sales after the movie comes out, even older cars. Think about the boost in people trying to find 95 and 00 Eclipses! Interesting to see what happens from here...

Hi I cant wait they have to make drifting and drag racing all in one ! all the time not just 3 I mean pinks every thing they need to have 1 mile race like fast and the furious and then right after that another 5 then lot's of cops at the end chasing of after all the races then drifting races all the fast and the furious stars and drift kings like dk and lucas and haun they could say he lived in the car crash he rolled out the other side that would look so cool racing the whole time like also when they had 2 fast 2 furious some thing like that the first race jumpin bridges this is gona be sick, and they should invite real people and have this in miami florda at least give us some notice so I can drive My Eclipse when I get it

WOW!! i cant wait 4 the new film come out i hope that thm 3 get 2gether and dirve agaist other dirvers like a gang!

hmmmmm plus it would be gd if the other guy that was in number 2 the black guy was in 2 that would be out of this world i just cant wait|!|!|!|

Sup peeps, I am an excited about this movie coming. Remeber Vin Diesel, if you want this movie to sell lots of money, you will need to stick with imports, add the muscle cars, and drift and race in one. Whatever it takes to get to the finish line. I'm seeing the tuner scene started to come back hard. Im seeing them big wings again omg! Oh well, see yall at the theaters

bring back these biatches

vin diesel
Michelle Rodriguez

Paul Walker
Jordana Brewster

Lucas Black
Nathalie Kelley

bring back michelle rodriguez paul walker vin diesel jordana brewster and the cast of the first on

its gonna be a good movie. but i think that at the endthey have a big race were vin paul and lucas race each other and tyrese comes in and say can i join and they all walk away togather.

im 13 i cant wait hopefuly they take my advice

vin diesel
Michelle Rodriguez
Paul Walker
Jordana Brewster
Lucas Black
Nathalie Kelley



against the other countries drivers in speed, drift and hellish car racing sponsored by a crazy billioner.

i hope all 3 major stars get in the movie and the car of choose i hope 2 see in the movie is the top tuner projrct solstice MASTERPIECE if u dont know its one of the greaest group build ever it was built by the best of the best i hope 2 c this car an meany like it in the movie

please bring michelle rodriguez,vin diesel , jordona brewster and the all cst of the first one\... please i hope they dont recast any one because it will suck

I say FF4 is gonna be smash i seen toretto, i seen perce i seen o connor, an i seen bosswell and han but this is gonna blow it away fster than a mothaF***** tornado!!!

if u wont # 4 u need me to show u a new way of raceing i made it my life t.s./

I new as soon as i saw van in tokyo drift that they were going to make a nother one b/c if they didn't it would piss alot of people off b/c you can't just bring some one like that back and not expect to just drop it and not go back to it would be stupid

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