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King's Talisman dead again?

StephenKing.jpgI rate Stephen King's The Talisman as probably the second best story he has to date that could make it to the big screen, right behind The Dark Tower. Recently the news that the project was heading to the television as a mini-series was good enough, but now it might not be happening...again.

It seems that the Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy producing a six hour mini-series of Stephen King and Peter Straub's The Talisman is no more as once the script was commissioned they realised that the budget was just going to be too high.

The previous story had Ehren Kruger adapting the script that followed a boy called Jack Sawyer who's mother is dying of cancer. One day he discovers that he has a special ability, an ability that could help save his Mum's life. You see there is a parallel world where everyone has their twin, if your twin dies in the other world it means you usually do too, but a very few people don't have a twin, and they have the ability to flip between these worlds. Jack is one of them.

He finds out that in this other world there's a magic talisman that can save his mother if he can recover it, yet it's all the way on the other coast of America, and he has to travel there flipping between worlds as he goes.

I was quite looking forward to this, although it wasn't the big screen adaptation I was looking for, it was pretty close. Plus more time on screen meant more time for the story and the characters, there was Spielberg behind it and Kruger was writing. All of it sounded good.

However according to The Hollywood Reporter through HorrorMovies.ca once again we find it's dead. Couldn't they just cut some of the half-arsed rubbish they are punting out on small and large screen and divert that money this way? Surely The Talisman deserves a better chance.




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