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Buck Rogers returns

BuckRogers.jpgYou know just as I thought the remake of classics might be calming down we get hit with the Tron remake the other day and now we hear that Buck Rogers in the 25th Century looks like the next to get the Hollywood reimagining treatment.

According to one of my father's onscreen lusts, Colonel Wilma Deering played by Erin Gray, a comic book producer is trying to get hold of the license for the series to create a feature film remake.

Erin Gray has used that dreaded word that means remake "but not really":

"...a 'reinvisioned' full feature movie..."

The quote comes from Dark Horizons through Moviehole, and threatens another beloved TV series from our past, and yet should it really?

Just look what they've done with Battlestar Galactica, and imagine if that was made into a proper feature film with a healthy budget, a budget akin to many of the half-arsed science fiction films they have released already.

So couldn't they do they same with Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and turn it right around? There's potential to make it a dark, political and quite Battlestar Galactica II type story, taking away from fun more kid friendly version we saw when we were young...well some of us were!

For those of you who don't remember the series, or perhaps never even saw it, it tells the story of a NASA astronaut who awakes after some five hundred years of suspended animation to awaken in a universe that sees an advanced, and in many ways stunted, planet Earth under attack from an alien race. Once he is accepted by some of the modern world he joins the fight to save his future Earth.

Biddie, biddie, biddie....hiya Buck! I wonder if he'll reappear?!



This news hits me hard. Rich I've told you of my Flash Gordon fantacy of writing that, and the horrible SCI-FI show has withered that away.

I had then turned my attentions to Buck Rogers (having recently gotten the series on DVD) and now this news. I tell you, my appartment must be bugged!

You should write it anyway, I have a serious feeling they're going to totally miss the mark with his one.



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