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No Ocean's 14 without Bernie Mac

StevenSoderbergh.jpgA fourth Oceans film has been talked about on and off for a while. But it looks like we won't be seeing Ocean's Fourteen.

Steven Soderbergh says that following the death of Bernie Mac, he can't see it happening.

After three Oceans films, a fourth one seemed a possibility at some point in the future. Even Matt Damon seemed interested in making another one. However Steven Soderbergh has been talking about what the plan for the series is, and it doesn't sound like it includes a fourth film.

With Bernie Mac being gone, I don’t think any of us would want to return to that.

Soderbergh was talking to MTV, through The Playlist. And it isn't just the death of Bernie Mac that seems to be behind the decision. Soderbergh has gone onto make some big films since, and he says he is done with Oceans.

It’s sad because that was a fun group of people to hang out with. I was done [anyway].

So at the minute an Ocean's Fourteen film doesn't seem a possibility. Soderbergh kind of alluded before, to Ocean's Thirteen being the last one. And it seems pretty much confirmed now. I kind of lost interest after Ocean's Eleven. I really enjoyed it, but didn't feel compelled to watch the others. Do you think there should be an Ocean's Fourteen?



There should be an Ocean's 14, but we'll see?

There definitely needs to be a 14, the first three were fantastic. I do understand wanting to go out on top and not watering the series down (13 was just as good as 11 in my opinion) but these were awesome.

Without Bernie it would be tough to do but they didn't have Tes in 13 so I'm sure they could do a work around there as well.

If they did a 14, it should in some way be in memory of Bernie Mac. He was a great actor and comedian and just a great guy in general.

I enjoyed all of the Ocean's movies. It's hard for me to choose one as the best. It was sad that Bernie Mac died, but he wasn't the show only a co-actor. They should defently make a Ocean's 14, the series to me is still imcomplete... they have to make another.

Should be a 4th but not Oceans 14, go with Oceans 10, go the prequel route

THERE SHOULD BE A 14. i adore this series and although it will be sad without Bernie, it could easily be made without him because he wasn't crucial to any of the movies.

I agree that a prequel would be a great way to continue the series. Especially, if they're flying by the seat of their pants. Not so technical. More wit and whemsey. Could easily be a tribute to Bernie Mac. Ocean's 10 is the way to go.

i dont think an oceans 10 film would work as most of the guys were introduced to each other in 11, plus doing it without bernie mac i think would prove to big a stumbling bloc for the rest of the cast.
saying that i feel that there is one more movie left in the franchise and i think the cast and crew owe it to themselves their fans and bernie to make it an epic, bring in huge stars for bit parts like they used to do in the great old films like a bridge to far! now that would be an awesome send off to bernie!!!

How about an Ocean's 10. Make it a prequel. That way, you could replace the guys that don't want in with younger versions of themselves and see what Danny Ocean was up to before he went to prison.

Now that wouldn't surprise me, not one bit, not with the current Hollywood trends anyway.

I'd love to see another Ocean's film, but I can't buy a prequel. It seemed pretty clear to me that at least some of the guys didn't know each other before Ocean's 11: I think you'd have to lose Matt Damon, for one, and that wouldn't be kind to the franchise.

In losing Bernie Mac this series has definitely lost a great actor, but I think another film could be worked, if there was a story worth telling and a valid reason why Frank wasn't there.

I would definitely pay money to see Ocean's 14. Bernie Mac is greatly missed and I think it will not be the same without him. The best way (I think) to commemorate him is to have one of the his Kings of Comedy costars to step in in a role similar to what Bernie would've done. I think Ced the entertainer would fit right in! RIP Bernie, you will never be forgotten.

I would love another oceans! You don't see chemistry like that often and I loved it. The whole cast is top notch and I think the best way to Pay Homage to Bernie Mac is to send him off Oceans style! I think they could come up with something for the boys to do that would respect their fallen brother!! I don't know about a whole story line, because that may border morbid, but they can really get in some love with thier witty banter and funky ideas.

its will not be posible without bernie mac

there should deffinatly be a oceans 14,,,the actors are all great and its great entertainment,,,bernie mac will be missed,,,it could be a tribute to him,,,

I agree an Ocean's 10 would be a good idea but most of the actors are on their way to getting a bit old to go back to playing the kind of age of character they would've been before 11. No offense but to me it would be hard to pull off without being ridiculous. And a 4th film would probably ruin the franchise - especially now that Bernie Mac wouldn't be in it.

RIP Bernie Mac x

I can see both sides to this. Granted Oceans 11 was the best oceans 11 and shouldnt have been made into twelve or thirteen. However , Twelve was a bit too long and drawn out but the sdtrk was amazing and music to thirteen was great too among the first. As far as bernie not being present it is def sad and his character was legend in those movies. how can you not like franks saloon?? haha. But Must say I'd probally buy and go see the fourth one and I remember seeing a dual interview with george clooney and John Krazsinski and he should be bernies replacement. He mentioned he wanted to be in the next oceans movie if they ever made one so that's def a idea but either way if they dont make one ill just watch the three but if do I'll def see it. it should be a consideration.

sir,i am from India. im a fan of oceans series, watchd all its parts many times…. and cant wait for another great series, plz do oceans 14… atleast for all millions of fans waiting eagerly…. so sad about bernie mac… but,life goes on from there,so shud be the movie… plz bring back the movie.. n make oceans 14 for us…. lets hope so..

Should be called Oceans 3 and involve George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. The rest of the team could just want to be out or something, but those three want to do one last job.

It does have to have those three in otherwise it's not an Ocean's film.

The prequel idea would actually be a hit since many movies are doing that lately. It would be nice to see how Danny and Rusty met and how they began scamming their way to the top. The death of Bernie Mac is sad but I find it hard to believe a movie with a great cast would not be done because of one person! Just Clooney and Pitt alone is the movie! But then you add Damon, Crawford, Garcia and the others and you got yourself another movie. Plus I'm pretty sure a storyline could be created where Bernies character could be a younger version with a different actor.

I think they should make 14 and add Mark Wahlberg to it.

If they made it Oceans 10 why would it have to be a prequel? Isnt the number the amount of people in the heist?

This is a tough one to call. I am a huge fan of the Oceans series but I'm not sure if they can make another one. Not just because the death of Bernie Mac, but because the end of Oceans 13 kind of puts it all to rest with Danny putting Willy Banks threats to sleep, therefore no more problems for the crew. If they were to make a 14 it could be done without Bernie Mac, look at 12, he was arrested in the beginning of the movie and never played a role throughout the movie, it can be done without him. A prequel such as Oceans 10 wouldn't work because Oceans 11 was the first time that all 11 criminals came together for the same job. Maybe if it were just called Ocean, and thats how we meet Danny and Rusty and how they met and how they got into the business.

I definitley see both sides of the matter. I am a huge Pitt, Clooney, and Damon fan. I would love to see oceans 14. A prequel would also be nice, but if there was a prequel where would Damon and even Stiller go! As another one of you said the only ones of the group who knew each other were Rusty, Ocean, Sol, and Reuben. Damon is also a major part in the oceans series, would you just throw him to the curb?

They should cuz all the oceans movies were better then most movies like it. Alot of movies have been copying this film in some way shape or form, mac is gone but so make the next with the guys finding the guy who killed him, take his money give it to his family and put him in jail?



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