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Oceans all done?

I’m not sure if this is good news or not but it would seem that Ocean’s Thirteen will be the final film in the series. Steven Soderbergh was quoted at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and the word seems to be that there won't be anymore to come.

Clooney Studio, through Coming Soon quotes Soderbergh as saying that George Clooney wanted to go out on a high and that Ocean's Twelve was too complicated. Apparantly we can also expect more comedy in Ocean's Thirteen, due out next year.

Well I did like Ocean’s Eleven, it was slick and the cast was great, having Brad Pitt and George Clooney together worked just fine for me. I can’t say I liked Ocean’s Twelve so much. I guess Oceans 13 will go a long way to deciding how good a decision this is. What do you think, have you had enough of Ocean’s? Has this series finally washed up, can you bear to see another? Ok I’ll stop there.



Not a fan of the franchise but I'd be lying if I say I didnt enjoy watching them. My excitement level for seeing 'Ocean's 13' is mainly because of Al Pacino. *swoons*

oceans twelve was complete piss, why do they even bother making another one.

oceans eleven is one of my favourite films and they ruined it with that garbage..



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