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Damon on for Ocean's Fourteen

As with any successful film there's always talk of a sequel, but you would think after three Ocean's films and with the actors all having healthy careers outside this mainstream Hollywood fare that maybe Ocean's Thirteen would be the last. Perhaps not though according to recent comments.

At the Cannes press conference for Ocean's Thirteen Matt Damon is quoted as saying that he feels...

"...a bit of a prostitute for putting out two No. 3's in one year."

The quote comes from Variety who also interpret that to mean that there could well be another film.

Well I would have thought that since Damon is bowing out of the Bourne franchise that he might do the same with Ocean's, but we know that these guys have loads of fun on the films, and they can be really good. As yet though, none of the other stars are leaping behind a sequel.

The Variety article is well worth a read as it also goes into the story of the scripting process, with some interesting moments such as where Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney returned one of the scripts with the comments:

"Let's return to the spirit of 'Eleven...and not do what we did last time."

So could there be another one there? Well the script would have to be right that's for sure, but I really could see them coming back to do it one more time. The question is will the returns pay for the salaries, and will all thirteen, plus one, return?



So dumping Bourne is good, but the trainwreck that is the Ocean's franchise deserves another go? I think not. I don't care how much fun an actor has making a film, Ocean's 13 looks absolute crap, 12 was crap, 11 was crap, the original was crap. 14 would be crap too. Bourne, on the other hand, is one of the few good things Damon has ever done and the best spy series going. Count me out on Ocean's, any number, if not for their perpetual crap-ness, or the fact that it exists soley as a circle jerk for some very overrated actors, then on principle that Bourne deserves more attention/love.

I am not a huge fan of the Ocean's franchise, I still saw the films anyway just to tick the box so to speak, have yet to see Ocean's 13 though. I felt then that here are a group of actors who are just hanging out and were making like a home movie or something and people buy it because it is not trying to be pretentious and I suppose that's why a demand for a sequel is always there. I am not bothered if there will or there won't be a 4th.

i say keep the ocean movies coming make one more oceans thirteen and i say make one more bourne movie after bourne ultimatum so that there is four of the both movies

This is for Krimson: Ocean's twelve, yeah total crap. But Ocean's Eleven?! MAN THT MOVIE ROCKED!!! As for Ocean's Thirteen haven't seen it yet so no comment for tht 1.

They should make 3 more Ocean's movies. The director and a whole lot of people love these movies. Even I loved all of the movies. Ocean's twelve was good too. They should make 3 more Ocean's movies. It should be Ocean's 14, 15, and 16. 16 should be the last and final movie.

[Overly aggressive comment that really doesn't have a place here, suffice to say he doesn't agree with Krimson - Richard] The Ocean's movies are awesome!

Why not make another Oceans movie 11 was great 12 was alright and thirteen was awsome give me more!!!

I think oceans film series should to 20 :D.

I am fram from Turkey and I dont english...
bu yüzden Türkçe bişeyler yazacağım. bu filmler benim favori filmlerim oldu ve bende bu türde senaryolar yazmaya başladım. hatta gerçekten hırsız bile olmayı düşünmedim değil. çok fantastik bir iş gibi görünüyo ve akıl isteyen bir iş. oceans 11'deki o kurgu ve filmin sonundaki soygun sahnesi mükemmeldi. aslında bu sahneyi filmin sonunda izleyicinin öğrenmesi daha etkileyici. herşey seyircinin gözleri önünde oluyor ama kimse ona bakmıyor, harika bir yapım, tebrikler. şimdi benim hayalim böyle bir senaryo yazıp onun filmini çekmek ve oynamak. size teşekkür ederim. oceans 20'ye kadar sizi takip edeceğimi garanti veririm.

I love the ocean's series! I think it should keep going. The eleven was awesome, the twelve was good, the thirteen was fantastic, it must have one more!

How can you not love the Ocean's movies???? How can it not make you feel like you're with your boys having a good time? What is it that people don't like?? The quit witted humor? The different personalities?? Please, 11 is an absolute CLASSIC. 12 was decent, 13 was very good and brought it back to its Vegas feel. I'd love to see a couple more of these.

I wish they make 5 more Oceans the movies were all AWESOME, loved them all.

i dont know what the hell is wrong with some of you guys here the oceans franchise was several of the best movies i have ever seen i completely agree with everyone who said we should bring them back for several more movies



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