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New Tony Blair film

BlairClinton.jpgTony Blair has already been the subject of two films, and he's on the way to a hat-trick. Following on from The Deal and The Queen, is a film based on his friendship with Bill Clinton.

The man who wrote the first two, and is bringing us Frost/Nixon, is on the case.

The Deal was a British TV film, depicting a pact made between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The idea being that Blair would run for Labour party leader without Gordon Brown opposing him. As a sweetener Brown would be given the job of Chancellor, and the promise of the Prime Minister's job in four years. Well "promise".

It was Peter Morgan who wrote The Deal and The Queen, which starred Helen Mirren. It dealt with the aftermath of Princess Diana's death, and the Royal Family's differing views on how to handle it. With Tony Blair also involved in what should be protocol. Now Morgan and Michael Sheen, who played Tony Blair in both films, are to re-unite for another Blair film.

Loosely title "The Special Relationship", Morgan will also direct the film. Variety say it will concentrate on Tony Blair's relationship with Bill Clinton between 1997 and 2000. Off the top of my head, I can't remember what specifically happened during that time. Should be meaty stuff though.

I was a bit surprised that it wasn't about the goings on between Blair and George W. Bush. Should be enough for a few films there alone. With Sheen and Morgan on board though, we should be in for something good.




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