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They Live next Carpenter remake

Everything John Carpenter seems to be heading for the remake bin at the moment, The Fog, The Thing, Escape From New York, Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13 (Filmstalker review), and so on. Now though it's really distressing news as word arrives that they're going to remake They Live....

Carpenter directing gangster film

It seems that John Carpenter is to direct a film that is being described as Unforgiven as a gangster film, and this is according to one of the writers behind the project. It's even up on IMDB, so it must be true. The two writers on the film, called The...

Escape From New York remake ruined?

While we're on rumours, it seems that the new script treatment for the Escape From New York remake from Jonathan Mostow isn't so hot, in fact the review is pretty scathing. Previously Ken Nolan, who had written Black Hawk Down, had written a pretty decent script, which is of course...

Josh Brolin to Escape From New York?

The Escape to New York remake has been kicking around for over a year now. But the latest rumour to hit the internet is that Josh Brolin could be the man to play Snake Plissken. For anyone unaware Kurt Russell played Snake in the great original. But as usual these...


Film Three Stars

I loved Dog Soldiers and I loved The Descent (Filmstalker review), both Neil Marshall creations and both excellent fun films filled with great characters and well written and real dialogue. So hearing that Doomsday was on the timetable for the Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival this year had me...

Gerard Butler leaves Escape From New York

Gerard Butler has just breathed a sigh of relief today, and so have his agent and his fans, as the announcement arrives that he's left the remake of John Carpenter's classic Escape From New York. It seems about time as we heard that Len Wiseman dropped off and then that...

Ratner leaves Escape From New York

The good rumour today is that Brett Ratner has left the remake of Escape From New York, and any news that results in Hollywood turning away from a remake of such a classic film is good news in my book. I wonder how long it will be before Gerard Butler...

Ratner on Escape From New York?

There's a big rumour on the Interflab that greeted me after my cycle home, that perhaps Len Wiseman isn't going to be directing the remake of John Carpenter's Escape From New York which is set to star Gerard Butler. More than that there's a rumour that another Director is associated...

Wiseman to direct Escape From New York remake

Len Wiseman is close to signing the deal that will mean he will direct Escape From New York, it seems that Die Hard 4.0 (Filmstalker review) has really given him a boost up. The original is the superb John Carpenter film that is quite set in its time, mainly due...

Wiseman on Escape From New York and Gears of War?

There's a rumour that's just appeared on the Internet that suggests the name of the director for both the Gears of War film and the remake of Escape From New York. It's someone who is good on action and just delivered one of the best franchise sequels we've seen to...

Escape From New York remake script reviewed

There's a script review online for the Escape From New York remake starring Gerard Butler as Snake Plissken, and it is surprisingly good. I had immediately thought negatively of this film as the original is a classic, very dark, very eighties, and very cheesy - don't get me wrong though,...

Russell backing off from Snake comments

Seems like Kurt Russell was only joking when he said that he had created Snake Plissken and that no one could carry off that role. Well, that's what he's saying during some Grindhouse promotion. His comments come after those where he said that he winced when he heard who was...

Russell disapproves of Butler in Escape remake

Kurt Russell has spoken out about the remake of the cult classic Escape From New York and his words are not exactly full of praise. In fact they are rather damning. He doesn't like the idea of the Scottish Gerard Butler taking over the character he made famous, and he...

Carpenter says Escape From New York is a prequel

John Carpenter has talked about the upcoming Escape From New York film and his involvement in it, what's most interesting is what he thinks about it and how he expects it to turn out. In a recent interview he says that: "I don't know that it's a remake. I think...

Gerard Butler confirmed as Snake Plissken

Could it really be true about the rumour I wrote up here on Filmstalker the other day about Gerard Butler starring in a remake of John Carpenter's Escape From New York? Well a story today is suggesting just that. While everyone else still refers to it as a rumour, Reuters...

Gerard Butler to star in Escape From New York remake?

THIS IS BUTLER! Unbelieveable news here, and this could be either a complete triumph or disaster, but Gerard Butler could be starring in a remake of the classic John Carpenter film Escape From New York and playing the superb character of Snake Plissken made famous by Kurt Russell. I loved...


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