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Godzilla teaser trailer or old concept trailer?

Godzilla.jpgThere's been a fair bit of excitement about a teaser trailer that was reportedly released for the upcoming remake Godzilla, and while it is rather good and keeps the monster in check it does feel like we've seen similar things before, some think that perhaps this has been seen before in its entirety.

There is talk that this is an old trailer that was originally set-up to sell the concept of Godzilla and was around years ago, and that's a feeling I had in my mind while I was watching it. I thought I'd seen it before.

I must apologise for I can't remember where I read the idea that it was seen before as I think it was something that flashed passed my eyes as I was searching for a still usable version of the trailer, and that was proving hard enough to find, when I did find one I checked, stored the code, and moved on with other stories.

I did find the teaser though, through the Russian YouTube site, and you can see it below.

Do remember that this isn't the finalised trailer and that this may well be from years back, a trailer made to sell the concept of how the new Godzilla film would look and also tackle the monster. In fact I'm sure I remember seeing something similar years back but I can't be positive especially as I can't find anything I've written about it before!

However, with all those caveats I don't think this is a negative piece of footage at all, in fact I think it works really well and the studio shouldn't be running around trying to shut it down. It's actually a great piece of marketing and it's keeping the film on the keyboards of many sites and the screens of many audience members.

Here is the teaser for the upcoming Godzilla film directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Frank Darabont, Dave Callaham and Max Borenstein from David S. Goyer's story:

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