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Gilliam's The Zero Theorem promotional trailer

TheZeroTheorem.jpgThe Zero Theorem is the next film from the writer, director, creator, Terry Gilliam starring a cast list that heads with Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Thierry, David Thewlis, Matt Damon, Ben Whishaw and Tilda Swinton, a great mix of names, and judging from a promotional trailer that has appeared online for the film it's back to some of Gilliam's seminal work.

You can't help but see the connections between this film and the great Brazil, and what a connection that is to make. Perhaps The Zero Theorem will have as much impact and remain as relevant today as Brazil has, even if it does carry that Gilliam eccentricity.

The film has been hitting festivals in September to some strong reviews and is awaiting a December release, although the releases look scattered so far. We're waiting to see an official trailer for the film however this promotional trailer has been revealed online and it gives you a fair idea of the story and of the style.

I must admit that with this being a promotional trailer, and undoubtedly leaked not released, I was in two minds about posting it. There are obviously unfinished shots and the story isn't as fluid as you might hope but that is because it's an early teaser to sell the idea and the concept of the film. These kinds of trailers aren't usually meant for the mass audience.

Yet this is Terry Gilliam and there's such a strong feeling of something as classic and impactful as Brazil and it carries such a powerful core idea that I couldn't not say something about it and bring it to the early attention of the discerning audience member - that's you by the way. Yet do carry with you this caveat, it is a promotional trailer, it isn't a full trailer intended for a general audience and shouldn't be taken to represent the final film.

That said, the trailer for The Zero Theorem isn't around and this promotional trailer is, and being eager to see something about it the side that wanted to see it and write about it won over.

The film is about a focussed computer worker who has a goal of finding the reason for human existence, the hard and factually based truth. While he's trying to complete his work he finds that he's being continually interrupted by the Management, and in their latest attempt they have sent a young and sexy woman to keep him from his task. However their plans to keep him from his work might just have the opposite effect.

Here's the promotional trailer that comes through TrailerAddict for The Zero Theorem, but be warned, it may not be there for long.




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