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Millar raves about Nemesis script

Nemesis.jpgMark Millar has been talking about one of the upcoming adaptations from his comic books, that of the series called Nemesis that twists around the concept of the superhero making the focus of the story the bad guy and a bad guy who wins. The premise summed up wonderfully by a quote way back from Millar himself, “What if Batman was a total [bad person with no morals - Richard]?”

Nemesis turned the traditional ideas and storylines on their head and it seemed a project that would struggle to make it to the big screen, mind you they've done it with Kick-Ass and no one thought that they could make that. Well the proof is in the reading, and Mark Millar has just read the script from the Carnahan brothers, and he's delivered his usual, no holds barred verdict.

Amazingly Mark Millar sounds like he likes the script and in his comments about it he sounds like he's totally in love with it.

Joe Carnahan and Matthew Michael Carnahan have written the script and according to Mark Millar they've written it wonderfully. Here's a few things he had to say about the script through Deadline:

”Nemesis is one of the most relentless and powerful screenplays I've ever read. I was actually SHELL-SHOCKED after reading it, thinking about it for hours afterwards and discussing it with the family. As a movie, the Carnahans have crafted something we've never actually seen before and I feel like someone in Julia Phillips' office must have felt when Schrader's TAXI DRIVER script first landed on their desk. This is going to be one of the best movies of the decade. The fact that it's a SUPERHERO movie is incredibly exciting to me. This is the next step for where a comic-book adaptation can go and, simply as a viewer, I'm now counting down the days until I can sit in a screening room and see the first cut…

…I've been blessed with the people adapting these Millarworld books so far, some of the best writers and directors currently working in film, but NOTHING prepared me for this. This is huge, operatic, tragic, monumental. This is about America right now and the world the audience is walking back into the second they leave the cinema…

…This is my new favourite movie and it's still a year or two away from anyone even seeing it. It's going to be the biggest and smartest action movie we've all seen in a very, very long time.”

Millar does indeed love the script. I can't think of any better recommendation, and when was the last time that you heard an original author speak like that about the adaptation for film? I'd struggle to think.

Add to that the fact that Millar is known for not mincing his words, he's not going to be saying this just for marketing - oh he would be positive and help market the film but not to this level, this is real.

So all this adds to the excitement for the fans, for those anticipating a great film to be had from Nemesis. However there's something I now feel the need to say and for all those who understand the process and have followed film productions before you'll probably know what's coming, there's a long way between a script and the finished film.

So often there's a disconnect between the script and the direction, after all in most cases the only continuity between the two are the studio executives and the producers with multiple writers having been hired to do multiple versions, sometimes for multiple different directors. Come the tie when the director is ready to begin and he's handed a script from the studio, or the fifth in line writer.

Here the good thing is that Joe Carnahan is directing the film and since he co-wrote with his brother there's going to be a huge continuity of ideas, tone and intent from the script to screen. This could be good, very good. Better than Wanted (Filmstalker review) or Kick-Ass.




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