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Möbius releases powerful French trailer

Mobius.jpgThere are a couple of films today that I've seen trailers for that can really be described as international films, not just one writer from the country that makes the majority of the film mentioning that it's International because it has someone else from another country in it.

The French thriller Mobious has a list of talent from France, Russia, Britain and America, it has all three languages and it looks fantastic too, it looks like the kind of thriller I love.

The film stars a great list of names Jean Dujardin, Cécile De France, Tim Roth, John Lynch, Émilie Dequenne, Vladimir Menshov, Wendell Pierce, to name but a few, and I love the way it unashamedly leaps from language to language and mixes the foreign characters, that's a true international thriller don't you think?

Here's the blurb for Möbius I had with the teaser trailer:

Moïse, the leader of an elite FSB (ex-KGB) unit, is in London on the trail of a powerful oligarch suspected of money laundering. His team bullies Alice, a smart young trader operating way over her limit, into working for Moïse. Alice soon realizes the potential for profit in playing both sides so everybody wins, but Moïse becomes convinced she will blow her cover and put her life in danger. He decides to do what no spymaster should ever do - make direct contact with his agent. An innocent first meeting soon develops into a passionate affair that will change their lives forever, just not in the way they expected.

Now for the trailer for Möbius comes through TrailerAddict and it looks fantastic, even with it being in multiple languages and with French subtitles, roll on an English subtitled version:




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