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Boyle's high cast Trance trailer

Trance.jpgDanny Boyle's film Trance stars James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson, a fantastic international cast and to be honest one that surprised me for Danny Boyle's latest film considering his last few outings.

It carries an interesting plot that suggests an almost Hitchcock style core to it and while the trailer carries that frantic pace and bouncing soundtrack that you'd expect from Boyle, the plot looks like it points to a strong thriller.

The story of Trance follows a man who masterminds a heist suffers a heavy blow to the head that leaves him with amnesia and a gang who are desperate to find out where the spoils are hidden. Enter a hypnotist who is charged with finding out what is locked in his head.

In the UK we're going to get to see this film on the 27th of March some thirteen days after Denmark have the first release, but the rest of the world are currently waiting for their dates.

The trailer for the film played out during the credits of Film 2013 on BBC1 the other night, something with the foreign trailer sight YouKu caught and The Playlist was alerted too soon after.

Quick warning on the trailer, it's not the best quality and there's even an elongated pause near the end, but stick with it and I'll be off looking for a new one.

Okay scrap that, the full trailer has arrived, not the chopped up version on the end of the television show credits, this is everything and in much better quality, well the audio isn't but the picture is.

The trailer for Trance comes through MSN:




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