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Blade Runner sequel gaining original writer?

BladeRunner.jpgIt's hard to believe that there's going to be a sequel to Blade Runner. Remember when all the sequel, prequel, and re-whatever trend was taking off and everyone was making jokes about what classics would get hit first? Well it looks like those jokes could be coming true, and while thankfull it isn't a remake there is a Blade Runner sequel in the works. Indeed if you remember back it's actually a number of sequels.

However there's some very positive news arriving for the production as word arrives regarding a writer who is in talks to take on the hefty task, the man who wrote the original Blade Runner, Hampton Fancher.

While you can view that as exciting and positive news for the sequel, excited at the prospect of a new Blade Runner film written by the original author, there is something to remember here. Since Blade Runner Hampton Francher has written two screenplays, The Mighty Quinn and The Minus Man.

Of course he's been a big actor in the meantime and made a lot of money from Blade Runner so you could argue there's not the need for him to do too much, but at the same time you have to wonder if another screenplay of the quality of Blade Runner is inside him.

Still the news from The Hollywood Reporter is exciting, because it shows intent from the production to try and not only recapture some of the magic of the original but also to try and build a new film of the level of the original.

Ridley Scott and Alcon Entertainment are keeping completely quiet on how they see the film moving forward, and considering how the Alien prequel took shape from its announcement through to now, I think we could safely say that this could go any way once the screenwriter gets involved.

Last we heard it was Scott Z. Burns who was looking to become the writer on the project, but if it gains the original writer and with the news that Ridley Scott is behind the project, although as yet unsure if he will direct, it does sound as though the production is heading in the right direction.

Maybe they could also consider getting David Webb Peoples on as a writer for the sequel as well, that would bring back both original writers, and if Scott said yes to directing...could it really happen?

You might also remember that the production company were keen on making a multi-platform franchise out of the new film so they aren't looking to fire out something cheap, something that no one thinks could stand up to the original. Let's hope that keeps going through the production.




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