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New Annie musical completely modernised

EmmaThompson.jpgThere are a few eye opening statements about the new Annie musical, which has just been confirmed as being written by Emma Thompson, and there are some huge changes and plans in store for the completely modernised story.

It's funny though, when you read all the changes, the location, the music, the actors, you wonder how Emma Thompson could have written it, but she has.

We'd heard the rumours before, but now they are confirmed as Emma Thompson herself revealed that she has written the script and that the film is going forward. However, those aren't the big details.

Through BBC Newsbeat Thompson reveals that that the film is a modernisation of the Annie script and will see the story set in modern day New York and some songs from the original musical dropped and replaced with new songs, none of which were mentioned other than "Tomorrow" is still in.

So who is going to be providing these new songs? Well it just so happens that the musical producer will be none other than Jay-Z, so you can imagine there's going to be a completely modernised and hip-hop score for the musical.

That suits because its modern day New York and the star of the film will be Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith just happens to be producing. This is going to be a big production.

Apparently, despite the rumours of Ryan Murphy of Glee fame directing the film, Thompson says there is no director attached as yet, but they hope to start filming next year.

I still think it seems rather surprising though that Thompson can write the script for a musical that's set in New York with what will undoubtedly be a hip-hop and R&B dominated score. Mind you it's not the only musical she's been working on, you'll remember that she's been adapting the new My Fair Lady.

I'm sure there will be some fans of the original Annie musical who are concerned though, modernised story, hip-hop music direction and the very British Emma Thompson writing the script which she says drops some of the songs that nobody liked.

It'll still be huge though.




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