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Blade Runner sequel gains writer?

BladeRunner.jpgWe know that Ridley Scott is looking to tackle a new Blade Runner story, and whether that is a sequel, a prequel or a new story in the same universe we're not entirely sure yet, after all look at what has allegedly happened to the Alien prequel? It's off in another direction if the stories are to be believed, and without many aliens if any.

So we can't be sure where the new Blade Runner film will go, just that it has a chance of being something close to the original since we have Ridley Scott behind the project, but what about that all important story?

It would seem that according to rumour we might have a writer for the project already, and it's a writer who has been involved in some big scope and budget films to date.

According to sources through Twitch, whom I'd be more inclined to believe than most, the writer who has the task is Scott Z. Burns, the man who wrote Pu-239, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Informant!, Contagion and has The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo currently on his desk.

There's more than a little synergy in those scripts, but do remember two things, one is that hits is a rumour from a "source", and the other is that whoever has the script there is a mammoth task ahead of them.

Personally I either see a sequel or a story in the same universe coming through, and I think when all the pre-production discussions are done we are most definitely going to see a story in the same universe, after all could they bring back any of the original characters and make them work?

We heard a little while back that the rights to Blade Runner had been bought and that entitled the company to make sequels to the original, but who would have thought they would then have picked up Ridley Scott for the project? So really anything is possible.

Yet I still feel unsure of a sequel or a remake. I just imagine they already know what a hard act it is going to be to follow the original, however they do it, so their best bet is to break as many ties as possible with it and go for something in the same universe, without redoing the original story.

What do you think? Can they do it and how, and is Scott Burns the man for the job?



Hard to say if Scott Burns is the man for the job; I couldn't bare to get to the end of The Informant!, I think The Bourne Ultimatum was above decent and I think Pu-239 was rather interesting but I can't really see much of Blade Runner in any of those movies.

I personally would rather see something entirely new, perhaps touching on the same themes as the original but no sequel or prequel. Leave the original untouched and the ending open to imagination please!

Great, can't wait for the special edition and the directors cut and the final cut and the special final cut with added sheep.

Gilliam didn't need 25 years and unteen recuts to make a classic. Brazil rules!

Well that's unfair, Blade Runner was a classic from the moment it was released. The re-cuts were just icing on the cake. ;)



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