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REC writer hits POD

Rec.jpgThe writer of [REC], Luis A. Berdejo, has a couple of other projects under his belt since the success of [REC], but the latest announced project is called POD and is a science fiction film.

Not only is it his first science fiction film, but it's also the first English language film, well barring the remake of [REC], Quarantine.

POD is an original idea from Luis A. Berdejo and will see him write and direct the project, although not much has been said about it so far we do know from the story in The Hollywood Reporter that it is being described as an intergalactic tale of discovery, of love and adventure and very epic in scope.

That sounds interesting but isn't really giving us much, still considering what the writer has given us already and the success of [REC], there has to be some interest in this project, even without knowing the full plot.

The film is going to be the next film he tackles after he directs Jennifer Can the first screenplay he wrote and his passion project, a film that is described as a drama, fantasy and romance.

Personally I'm more excited in hearing more about POD than anything.




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