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Unknown musical comedy short

Film Four Stars

Blood Car was preceded by a short which travelled dodgy territory between complete bad taste and great satirical humour. For my mind it really did a great job of real life parody and hit all the right notes.

It's a short musical film, yes a musical, about an internet predator grooming a young target for his nefarious desires. Yes, I know I'm losing you already, I was the same way, but it works.

This is probably the funniest thing I've seen in ages, it's hilarious. Of course it's close to the bone, a lot of comedy that looks at real life is, but that's what makes it so funny and allows us to laugh at the absurdity of some of life's cruelty and evil.

There are a few moments where the comedy goes right to the wire and I found myself laughing and drawing a sharp intake of breath at the same time, it's almost uncomfortable for a moment but then I couldn't help but laugh.

The short story combines some very well known musical numbers with the story of an "internet predator", as they have become known, talking to a young, unknowing teenager while the FBI listen in waiting for the moment to pounce.

The lipsyncing isn't the best at times, and the performance of the girl seems a little half hearted and messy when she's doing her musical number, but the writing is witty and clever, not to mention just plain funny.

Honestly, it really is funny, and there were more laughs through this short than there were with the following feature Blood Car. I'm positive though that there will be plenty of those who will be very upset by the mere mention of the idea.

The big problem is that I have no recollection what it was called, and a few internet searches have revealed all the wrong stories and some very embarrassing ones at that. I fear I shall search no more. If anyone else knows what it was then please let me know. Hopefully the EIFF press office will let me know without getting me arrested for an improper suggestion!

More to come when I find out details of what it is.

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