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Stalked: Sienna Miller, Robin Williams

Sienna Miller is joining Ridley Scott's Robin Hood.

Robin Williams is to be the World’s Greatest Dad.

Ridley Scott as we know is re-invisioning Robin Hood, with Russel Crowe as The Sheriff. And now Sienna Miller is joining as Maid Marian. Scott is twisting the story of Robin Hood a little for his film, which you can read all about here. Miller seems happy with her role in it though, as she tells the BBC:

It's happening. I just found out. It's the most exciting news in the world. It's ridiculous. But there's this looming actor's strike, so it's not 100% sure that it's going to be made, but it's looking pretty certain.

I've never been a fan of Robin Hood, I didn't watch the Kevin Costner version and haven't seen any of the BBC series either. Maybe Ridley Scott's slightly different version will tempt me.

Robin Williams is heading back to comedy territory with World's Greatest Dad. The news from Jo Blo is that Bobcat Goldthwait will write and direct. The plot goes like this:

Williams will play a failed writer teaching poetry at the high school. When his teenage son dies during a freak masturbation accident, he tries to cover up the embarrassment by claiming the death was a suicide. When the father's faked suicide note gets attention, he decides to fake an entire journal to get his writing career off the ground.

At least it sounds like an adult comedy. The performances of Robin Williams I've enjoyed the most have been Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo and Insomnia , all dramatic roles. There's something about Williams in comedy roles that puts me off, he's too over the top. Hopefully he'll rein it in for this one.




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