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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2008

EIFF.gifThe Edinburgh International Film Festival has begun in 2008, yes it doesn't seem like a year since the last one and that's because it isn't, this year the dates have moved and the EIFF has been brought forward.

I've taken the usual two weeks off work to cover as much as I possibly can from the festival, including plenty of public screenings, and I hope to bring you as much information as possible as well as some interesting reviews.

You can see the progress of all the EIFF 2008 coverage right here, but this post is just going to be for keeping a running tally of the films to see, and the ones seen.

To the left you'll see the agenda list for the Google calendar I've created for the festival. This shows the press screenings I'm trying to attend as the red coloured titles and the public screenings I'm hoping to squeeze in as light brown coloured titles.

Of course those of you who are colour blind will probably have a problem with that, let me know and I can play around with the colours.

You can scroll up and down the list to see the upcoming screenings. There's a fair few, but I have to say a lot less than previous years. Unfortunately the scheduling is a bit off this year as many of the most interesting titles are being shown together, so I'm going to try and get into their public screenings.

Meanwhile I'll try and my way through the screenings and keep you up to date as I write up entries on my mobile and my laptop with 3G Mobile Broadband.

Feel free to look through and tell me your thoughts on any of the films I'm off to see, and keep up to date with what's happening at the Festival on the EIFF 2008 page.

If you're around during the Festival, give me a shout, we could meet up during a few free minutes!

This article was posted using 3G Mobile Broadband as part of a product review.



Richard, I am keen to find out what you think of The Edge of Love, your positive review might change my mind and still decided to see it anyway.

Well I avoided it in the end Simone, preferring to see The Ruins and The Happening instead. Really happy I did for The Ruins...not so sure about The Happening yet.

I'm hearing great things about Edge of Love though.

For a minute there I thought you were going to give in! ;)

Give in?

Give in to watch Keira Knightley!

No, not really, despite the critics acclaim. I had more entertaining films to watch - and I think that's where the critics fall down sometimes, they forget that most people go to the cinema to be entertained, not challenged or something else on a more intellectual plane.

Tell us about Stone of Destiny when youve seen it!



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