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Secret hidden in Cloverfield ending

Cloverfield.jpgIt seems that there's a little secret hidden in the ending of Cloverfield, and one which the Director Matt Reeves doesn't want to give away, well not just now anyway. He wants people to solve it for themselves.

Now, I have to say this isn't really spoiler material because it isn't saying "the ending is this", however if you did know it and watched the film, I am guessing that you would realise what's going to happen perhaps a scene or two before it does.

So now that spoiler warning is out of the way, let's talk about what the Director Matt Reeves has been saying about that Cloverfield ending.

In an interview online he's posed a question about the final scene of the film, here's the question:

"So, at the end of the film, after the credits, a walkie-talkie crackles to life and you hear... something. What is it?"

Oooh, typical film trick really, but a good one. You can almost imagine the ending already, and actually I wrote about that ages ago when the call sheet was revealed online and suggested that the remaining characters were sitting under a structure for shelter.

Here's what Matt Reeves says in response:

"Yes, you do hear something! That's another sort of radio chatter moment. I don't actually want to give that away at this point, because it is decipherable. That's the very last thing we did on the mix, I sort of jumped up to the microphone and did this thing. I know someone will figure it out, but I don't want to give it away yet."

The fuller interview is over at io9, although there's nothing else spoilerish in it as he talks about how they came up with the idea, and how he was given the job, and so on.

Right, come on Cloverfield fans, get your thinking caps on. If you're going to see the film then get yourselves working on what that message is on the walkie talkie at the ending of the film.

Has anyone deciphered it already?



it says "It's Still Alive" Backwards

it says "It's Still Alive" Backwards

so it says = "evile llits sti". Turn it around and it says ... "It's Still Alive"

sounds like Help Us but backwards it's It's Still Alive

Cloverfield Ending Credits

At the credits ending of Cloverfield

**** Spoilers ****

the audio from the video cam says, "Help us!". But when played backwards, it says, "It's still alive!" This happens after the end credits of Cloverfield. Assuming the speaker was Rob, he suggests Cloverfield (the monster) is still alive. This also suggests a sequel for Cloverfield 2!

**** Bigger Spoilers ****

The Japanese oil company TAGRUATO drops a satellite (Chimpanz III) into the ocean as part of viral marketing (shown at the end of the movie when Rob and Beth were on the ferris wheel). TAGRUATO works with SLUSHO (a slush company), as the main ingredient for SLUSHO is found at the satellite dropzone (deep ocean). While searching for satellite and ingredients, they woke Cloverfield (the monster).

The main ingredient of Slusho apparently turns a tiny fish into a HUGE whale, which explains the size of Cloverfield.

Rob apparently was going to be the Vice President of TAGRUATO in Japan.

Source from: http://www.cloverfieldendingcredits.com

Static, followed by a strained "help us", followed by more static and what sounds like a distant thump. Is it alive? Possibly. Is it dead, but was just the first of a new contact with an extraterrestrial creature, another one that will hatch, and arise from the oceans depths, from the egg that landed in the ocean behind the white boat? Was it just a "baby"? Or, is it another plot to have us again combing the internet for months looking for clues? Hmmmmmmmm, beats following an election.

This is the official site for the movie. If he's still alive, then what are these 2 new pictures?


Perhaps those are just whales or other large sea creatures killed by the creature? Maybe there's another creature?

If you see the latest reveal from the Director Matt Reeves he's talking about another secret hidden in the ending of the film - something dropping out of the sky - read it on the latest story here.

So if it said "help us", that means that rob and beth are still alive am I right?

Hey I checked out that 1-18-08 website that someone mentioned... in these blogs... I figured out accidentily that you can turn these pictures around, if you do only like 3 of them reveal something...but one is in Japanese (or chinese, thia, etc. Not exactly sure..never took it up) but anyhow, it looks like it could be a recipe of some sort. Which does give some light on a theory I read of a "slusho" co. getting a vital ingredient from the ocean that has a reference to the monster. Just throwing that out there for you bloggers..this my first.

You're right! You can flip over the pics and there is something written on the other side of the pic with the chef holding a cooking sheet. It's definetly Japanese but I can't read it. Does anyone know if there is a website with the translation of it? I just saw the movie on Sunday but it's so cool finding out all these clues about the movie on the internet.

I heard it was a recipe.

I don't really know Japanese, but the last sentence of the recipe is definitely mentioning a "nectar of sea".


Are you sure it doesnt say "They all watched" ?


I really hope Beth and Rob are still alive..Really, when the first bomb hit, you hear Rob say, Beth look at me, Look at me,,But he talks likes nothing happend, i mean that it looks like he's not hurt badly, and the second bomb you hear alot of noise and the film stopped, Hollywood rules: if you cant see a dead body, then the person isnt dead, So NO ONE knows what happened to Beth/Rob

IF it says Help Us, then they are alive, UNTIL PROVEN WRONG

They All Watched, it's really possible because you can hear it, But why would Matt Reeves do such a thing?

Lets just say it Says: Help Us, And Beth & Rob are still alive

Matt Reeves said he could do part 2, Then it would be filmed from another perspective, im talking about a dude filming on the brigde where Hud was filming, they filmed eachother, That's was Matt Reeves said...


if you notice in the night vision picture and the capsized oiler picture certain parts of the picture are blocked out

I just thought of this now...

I think Rob and Beth have to be dead because in the begining of the movie it says something like the camera was RETRIEVED. If Rob and Beth had survived the would have brought the camera with them.

This is probably nothing, but also in the night vision picture on the site, the two ships on the left-hand side are firing in the air when everything else is firing down to the ocean. It's kindda weird, there's probably a good explanation for but who knows.

cmeehan I totally agree with you

I really want Beth and Rob alive but I can't see a sequel coming out involving them, but I guess they could in some way? That is, if theyre still alive.
Someone mentioned the video being "retrieved"

If this is the case... they may have just said f*ck it and just hauled butt out of there cause they assumed the camera was broken or something.

Plus I think Rob and Beth since they were so in love by the end that they should live, if they didn't want it to be a mystery then they would've solidified that they were killed. I HOPE they lived =[

I deciphered it a few hours after I saw the film. When played forwards, it says Help Us. But when played in reveres, it says It's Still Alive. This is at the end of the credits. Also, in the last scene of the film, when Rob and Beth are on the Ferris Wheel at Coney Island, some people say that a large, black object can be seen falling into the water. No doubt it's the monster, but where in the shot is it? If anyone knows where it is, please comment back and tell us in full detail.

k so what happened 2 the girl who went in the first chopper?

The movie and monster is a loose metaphor for the war on terror. The nectar is "oil."

Human greed has unleashed pure evil, of course evil is "still alive." If it wasn't for our greed for oil, its likely 911 would never have occurred.

Think about it.

btw, this movie is adapted from a South Korean movie called "The Host."

To answer some questions
-The website with the japanese guy picture. it is a recipe found it on another website.
-apparrently something does fall from the sky in the last scene

-remember the scene where they are chasing rob but the camera guy runs into a japanese guy, what is he saying? maybe a clue?

Two possible answers to Alric's question (k so what happened 2 the girl who went in the first chopper?)

1: She may have died i don't know how but when Rob and Beth are under the bridge Rob says their all gone implying that all of their friends are dead.

2: She may have survived and if there is a sequel (which may happen and be from other people's perspective) she might be in it.

That's a good question bigmac11z!

it is Help us...(mumble mumble...) backwards its Its still alive...(mumble mumble)

what happend to marlena? they dragged her away behind into a tent. did they shoot her or what? was she changing into one of those creatures or was she just infected with a virus?

Shit, I was just spinning the first picture you see, looks like the monster dead, and all of a sudden I could hear its screaming from the movie.

marlena exploded

Ahah first off great movie. I've been going through diffrent websites and stuff looking for movie secrets and stuff now that I've seen it. I think its cool how the film in the apartment started at 6:42 and then the fil ended under the bridge at 6:42 kind of representing begining and ending together ahaha. I kinda got the impression that the brothers girlfriends helicopter got knocked down, similar to I am legend. Ive heard of soldiers taping cameras and cell phones to their guns and filiming themselves storming houses so I think it could be pretty cool to see this from a soldiers point of view. And if it helps decide what the monster was my perception was that the two arms on the upper body weren't arms but they looked more like crabs legs because he seemed to supprt himself with them and I think he has two tenticle tails

The picture is of two whales that washed up on shore. The one on the left is easier to identify, and it has a huge bite taken out of it. Cloverfield was hungry.

why did marlena explode..that makes no sense..

She was bitten by one of those little cloverfield's and I guess when you get bitten then you explode. That's why they freaked out when they fould out she had been bitten so they brought her into that tent so she wouldn't get all over everybody and probably freak everybody out.

She exploded because she was bitten by one of those little cloverfield things. Apparently when one bites you it makes you explode... that's probably why they took her into the tent so she didn't get all over everybody when she exploded and cause more of a panic.

And can I assume that the creatures are affraid of the light? Because when they first got out of the subway and found the medical outpost in the store they had really bright lights pointing at the door

Okay I am in a fight with my friend about how the monster came to be so far I think I am wrong
Okay there is this company that made slusho okay so in the end of cloverfield a huge thing is seen hitting the water I thought it was the monster but my friend said it was a satilite that the slusho company on purpose made it crash to look for slusho ingrients then the monster orginally a fish absorbed the main ingriedent which turned it into the monster it is soon It attacked the city where the heck did those monsters comefrom are they also related to slusho I am very confused

hey! just was looking at the website. usually websites have a title in the browser bar, for instance- this one says "filmstalker: Secret hidden in cloverfield ending" ... well, in the 1 18 website it has "-- -" can that be a morse code?

I think the Japanese guy said something about bugs (mushi)

after the spider tunnel scene they mentioned that one grabbed and dragged him away
i think there are male and female spider/bugs
the males hold onto you until the females lay their eggs in you
this would explain why only marlena was bit or whatever
she was first being held down, they smacked that one off...then another one jumped on her an bit her
marlena i think had eggs/and egg laid inside her and it was hatching...i never caught onto the light thing though...that makes perfect sense!!!
they brought marlena to that very lit room to kill the offspring
also explains why they weren't attacked until they turned off the camera's light and put on the night vision on.

Aleric, I've seen and own The Host on DVD. Cloverfield is adapted from that the way The Matrix is adapted from Lawnmower Man.

In other words; it's not.

to cemeehan, by "them monsters" im assuming you mean the little freaky bitey things? spidery things? Well...as you know whales have things which stick to them, little creatures which clean them...so if this thing was originally a whale or a fish then mutated...im guessing these parasites mutated and grew with it. i think it's ace how you can find out loads of weird stuff that's hidden with this film. There's alot i didn't understand when i went to see it earlier but now i doooooo :)... i also heard that the saliva of the monster and its parasite things act as a catalyst for gas or something & because our bodies can't handle the gas she exploded. it's all a bit confuuusing.

i'm a bit sick of everyone trying to relate it to 9/11, i'm not denying there are links but, i feel that we read into things too much sometimes...

WTF Slusho ingredients? Was the word Slusho used in the film at all?

Apparently Rob was going to be the CEO of Slusho, that's why he was heading off to Japan

What the hell? you guys saw a lot more than me, i didnt see anything like this, all i saw is godzilla 2!! and it only went on for like 1 hour!! disappointing!

What the hell? you guys saw a lot more than me, i didnt see anything like this, all i saw is godzilla 2!! and it only went on for like 1 hour!! disappointing!

The film was good, I didnt see any clues, i was disappointed with the length of the film. I also think that for a sequel they could simply re run the first film but from someone elses perspective, maybe the military;s? that would be more interesting than a bunch of kids walking thru a subway.

Hey i loved the film and i just went on the website with the pictures, cant figure out how to flip them, but i had it on and was reading this and the sound of cloverfield scared me sh**less!!!!! xx

Please , tell me: under the central park bridge, when Robert Hawkins talks to the camera, what day he says? ´cause i heard May 23. right? or i wrong...
the date of the last scene video (coney island)is apr 27 , about 26 days before.
in the party someone says that rob and the girl went to coney island some weeks before. so i may confirm what i heard. so what´s the deal with january 18 of 2008 ???

George - that was that US release date for the film.

On the website with the pics to turn them over click on them and quickly move the mouse in a circular motion :)

ok i see that on the picture sit there is one pic of a ships destroyed or sumthing and near the hull there is an area thats all pixelated mean anything to??????

It's hard to notice that Rob is going to work for Slusho in the movie, but if you look closely, some of the guests at his party that say:


on them.

I just watched cloverfield today and it was awesome. Ive learned alot from reading all the posts. I agree with the fact about the parasites being things that grew with the monster and not actually being from it. Also, for when marlena is brought into the containment room i dont think it is because they dont want to get messy but the soldiers who brought her had on hazmat suits so they prob wanted to isolate her cuz they didnt know the long term effects of exposure to the virus and so thats why that one soldier freaked out cuz he didnt want to get infected if possible.

well overall i loved this movie so much! I hope they do make a movie about the monster after surviving the explosion.
Eddie H. Age 16

Firstly I thought the film was absolutly amazing, but unlike a lot of people I belive that a sequel is a must for so many reasons. Here are my reasons;

- Firstly the aftermath i.e the media coverage around the world. In the film a soldier said that they were prepared to 'let the whole area go' meaning that the entire city of New York was destroyed. How would the worlds media and public react to one of the biggest city's in the world being completly oblitarated by a giant creature? Imagine the fear that would spread around the world with people wondering if more of these creatures are alive and located around their country/city.

- The survivers who escaped from New York (Lily and possibly Rob and Beth). How would they go about rebuilding there lives after their freinds were killed and there homes in ruins? This event would have a prefound affect on people in so many ways. Their story(s) would make a facanating film in itself.

- The monster, if it survived, would more than likely move on to a new city and create more destruction there. How would the military deal with this? How would the american people cope with the fear that would grip the nation?

These are just three points but I could go on forever. There are so many unanswered questions and so many different angles in which these questions could be answered. You could make a dozen sequels. All I hope is that if one is made it is as creative and well thought out as the first one!!

About Marlena being bit and exploding. I'm thinking those spider lice things were just like parasitic mosquitoes. When you're bitten by a mosquito, the bite site swells because of some kind of toxin released through the bite. Same thing with the huge cloverfield lice, only because of their size, there is more toxin released .. which is why Marlena was all sick before it happened, then swelled up and exploded.

I think they should call the sequel "Tape 2" and have it follow from when the Egg or whatever falls into Coney Island. Some guy filming his friends at the seashore will film the egg falling, then skip forward 1 month to the day of the attack. He sees the oil tanker capsize and follows the creature to the BRIDGE. He is then air lifted out of New York and finds refugees who know what it is and where it came from ... or at least he'll hear through hearsay what it is.

Maybe. Who knows. It was a cool movie, so a sequel can happen or not and it would still be a good film.

I do hope there is a sequel, personally I'm not too concerned who's perspective its from as long as it is made in a similar way, and preferably starting and ending later.

I think the parasite don't like light, as when they're on that staircase, one seems to just not bother attacking Rob funnily.

With Marlena, my theory on why she was rushed under a tent (while I'm sure no-one likes being exploded on) is that what happens to her is the same as what happened to the army guy who was being taken away on a stretcher. I think oxymoron_o2 maybe onto something as it is the upper abdomen and thorax that have exploded (areas of the body where there are gas). But the reason she was rushed under a tent by people in hazmat guys I'm pretty sure will be to ensure the virus doesn't spread, i mean last thing you need is exploding people =)

Yes Baggya. I agree with you. When you see the guy with no....guts, you hear someone mutter something like 'another bite' which is why someone screamed out when they realised marlena was bitten. I am assuming they took her in there to try and save her. Or do some on-the-spot research. still, itsn not nice to explode on others.

This thing about the spider-crabs, when they are escaping the apartments, there is one of them in the stairwell, and he puts an axe into it. the lights are on in that stairwell. However from my memory it didnt seem to attack them straight away, even after he attacked it. So maybe it couldnt see.

When they monster first appears, they say they heard something like an earthquake. What is that about?

It did make me laugh though when they SOL's head falls through the street, and people take pictures and videos of it instead of wandering what caused it to actually be there.

Also, I dont think its a mutation. I also have no idea what it is for that matter. What could it have possibly mutated from? Fish cannot come out of water, even a wale. Everything else that mutates stays the same, take godzilla for example (not a comparison, this is an example) when it was mutated from nuke radiation, it only grew in size, got stronger etc, the same behavior, and looks as the lizard it mutated from. The monster doesnt look like anything.

And the toxin mosquitos leave in you is to stop your blood from clotting their mouth up and starving themselves to death.

Viral Marketing
This is a list of all the Cloverfield Viral marketing sites.

www.1-18-08.com (the official site)
www.tagruato.jp (the japanese oil company)
www.slusho.jp (the japanese drink company owned by Tagruato)
www.tidowave.com (a organization that opposes Tagruato)
www.jamieandteddy.com (Jamie Lascano's site the password is: jllovesth)
www.myspace.com/robbyhawkins (Rob's myspace note all the characters last posts were on 1-18-08)

i have to ask this queston, even though u prob think it's dumb but these companies like slusho and targrutao oil, aren't they things from other things to do with the director or producer? i read somewhere that slusho is from ( i think, may have read it wrong!) Alias, that t.v show which the producer worked on? prob have got this really wrong but has been bugging me for days! Also does anyone else think that yeh a sequel would be cool but maybe ruin the whole thing? well if they do a sequel i just hope they do it properly. oh and i really don't think beth and rob survied, i mean did u see all the fire around them! i think the army may have used napome ( not sure if that is spelt right! the bombs the used in Vitenam which burns at a really high heat) if they did survive they would of had some major burns!

From what I remember, after the final helicopter crash, you can hear someone saying something about "letting the city go in 15 minutes" or along those lines. Then Hud gets eaten. camera jumps ahead of time. They rehearse and say their final words, then BOOM. Explosion. I'm thinking that Coney Island got nuked or napalmed or something by the military to kill the monster.

As for a sequel, MAYBE. It is possible that they could survive (if Beth can survive having a wall on her for like 2594385029u7205781 hours, then a blast is possible. They could be in critical condition, and the second movie would be of the military trying to save them while avoiding the monster. It can even be shot using the same camera, from the point of view of Rob, or from "a soldiers gun" as I heard from above.

Cloverfield was awesome, and the reviewers that gave it a bad score missed the point entirely.


I seen the monster/satellite fall into the ocean. I was like the only one in the cinema who saw it. Just wondering how can anyone survive that nuke blast and how did the electrical equipment i.e the camera survive the nuke?

Some great comments on here. I'm from Australia, prob a lot older than many of you guys but I've always been a sci-fi fan; I reckon this is one of the best s-f/horror movies ever made. People are saying it's based on The Host, other comparisons have been made to Blair Witch and Godzilla. I tell ya the film I immediately thought of was Miracle Mile. Seriously great film. If you haven't seen it get it out on video.

Just read Cloverfieldendingcredits.crap.ukidding? Wot rubbish. I hope it is anyway. If cloverfield was from the deep ocean it wouldn't have a VERY HIGH BOILING POINT!!! Have these people got any idea? It would have a very high internal pressure, to combat the outside pressure, like all other deep sea organisms, and so, like all other deep sea organisms, it would EXPLODE upon being brought to the surface. If it has survived a nuclear attack, I think Abrams would have great difficulty in plausibly explaining it any other way than saying it was from outer space or another dimension or similar.

has any one seen those fake news reports of a oil rig owned by tagruato? they get attacked by the monster but they say it may have been an accident or terriost. i wanna know did that happen on the same day as it attacked new york? or is it on a diffrent day on a diffent oil rig? coz i had an idea, that diffrent oil rig may have woke up the monster and it attacked it. also their are those pics of whales that have had huge chunks taken out of them showing that the monster has been swimming in the ocean before it attacked new york. Then the closest land was new york so then the whole movie begins.
the thing you see at the end falling in the sea is part of the oil rig that was destroyed in the fake news, because you see a whole load of debree flying miles high up in the air in the report. Well thats my theory.
but i guess it is i guess the debree would of had to fly across the sky for thousands of miles, and mention of it in the news report in the movie saying like "this is the second rig to be attacked" grrrr!!! colverfield has been buzzing round my brain for days! shows how good a movie it is!

on the tagruato webstie it mentiond a japanese man going to new york, a Ganu Yoshida, I think hes the guy shouting at Hud down the camera down that alley when they are chasing rob, i think.

I have to say i like the sounds they made but the little "parasite" things were badley designed they looked like smalll versions of the arachnids in starship troopers!

Bless Cherry!

Yeah Peter the thing I liked least was the CGI. Why are the monsters almost always grey? I don't understand CGI pretty much at all admittedly but the use of it doesn't seem very imaginative to me.

its all so good.

the monster was awoken by them digging, then it broke free undersea then destroyed the oil rig casueing the huge explosion.

the monster grew huge due to the ingriedants from the slushos. as did the little parasites on the monster, they casued people to explode becasue they contain the ingriedants in the slusho. which made the women huge, then explode.

and if you look all over the myspaces there dates of last online are on the 18th the day the monster attacked. this means that the main characters did die.

etc etc

im not sure this is true, but im pretty sure at this time its the most logical explanation. im looking foward to the proper explanation becasue ive been trying to figure it out for days.

"She exploded because she was bitten by one of those little cloverfield things. Apparently when one bites you it makes you explode... that's probably why they took her into the tent so she didn't get all over everybody when she exploded and cause more of a panic."
reffering to this and any posts about marlina's death.
the black soldier that comforted rob and co spoke pretty confidently and reasurinly as if it was planned that she was to die then and there. i doubt very much that they could of known or planned to that minute she was to explode. i always thought the soldiers who dragged her into the tent shot her. i could be wrong just a thought but if im right maybe theres something more sinister that happens to the human body/mind after a bite. maybe something like aliens ect?

Saw Cloverfield yesterday and was buzzing afterwards - was great to have a film truly excite you! I'm so miffed that I missed the bits at the end, but I'm hopefully going to see it again next week to catch the thing falling into the sea and the message at the end!

I hope there's a sequel and don't hope there is a sequel all at the same time. I'm loving everything that goes with the film, but then don't want a terrible sequel to tarnish it.

I like the concept of humans being used to 'incubate' the eggs of the parasites, but I think it's a bit far-fetched. In my mind they just used the bite method to kill other creatures to eat them a bit more easily!
Loving the site!


PS. Still ignoring the fact that Rob and Beth are probably dead and believeing they lived happily ever after (at the moment anyway)

Such a pile of [rubbish - Richard]! you must have nothing better to do than post conspiracy theories and dleve into somethin so superficial that its not worth it!

i saw the film today, do you not think that maybe the reason why they havnt logged into myspace is because A. they wouldnt have computers anymore (all destroyed) or B. they have slightly more important matters at hand; i dnt think that the login can be justification that they are dead.

the film make me laugh :D

im a tit

i believe the creature to be a human which had been subject to the slusho. if you pay close attention it has human like features. ( apart from what looks like a tale) great film and has played with my head for days

What's the deal with the yellow goo that comes out of the starship trooper creatures? Are there any being on earth that have yellow blood? Also someone said that the reason why the monster didn't feel anything from the blasts is because it came from boiling temperatures so can withstand it. Also I heard that clover is known to grow in places where bombs have hit and the camera was found in a 'field' in central park. Anyone else heard all this?

I read reviews from people that saw this movie in the audience testing stage adn so much of what I read there and here leads me to believe the movie was heavily edited from the movie I saw. There was hardly any mention of Slusho and in early reviews someone said the girl who exploded did so from drinking the Slusho or something like that. All this mentioning the oil rig and creation of the creature, I did not see any of that in the movie I saw. I think the DVD version will be interesting. I think i preferred the movie without all the slusho references, it was short, but very interesting.


you should watch the clip on the japanese deep sea drilling website. It shows an oil rig being dragged under the sea and then throwen back up by what must be the monster. Also the video shows how the rig is 'leakin oil' however on the site it states that the rig failed because it ran out of oil therefore the dark patch in the sea might be the monster.

This is my theroy on the cloverfield story:

From what i can gather there are several storys all linked together. Rob was going to work for a company called slusho (this can be found on his blog on facebook) his brother is also seen wearing a slush t-shirt @ the party. Slusho is a slush drink that has a secret incredient buried below sea level. Its already harvested in japan the company just had to go ahead to start selling slusho in the states, the company new from the satalite (seen dropping into the sea @ end scene) that this secret ingredient was available on the sea bed just off the coast of new york.
The rig you see being destroyed in the video is where they were digging for secret ingredient deep below the sea, this is where cloverfeild monster was. On slusho website it says how when small fish eat secret ingredient they can turn into huge whales... so what can huge whales turn into... cloverfield?
Theres more, on the jamie & teddy stuff, teddy works for the japanese oil company, watch all videos jamie makes for teddy (youtube) he sends her a package with audio tape, also has a top secret package thatr must be frozen (this is the secret ingredient, it must be frozen as its from deep below sea level)... jamie later eats some of nectar (secret ingredient) and starts going crazy, then talks about how good she feels.
If you go to www.18-01-08.com there is a picture of jamie with rob (main character in film) at his leaving party?

Also im not sure what the deal is with japan but there are alot of references to japan i.e. slusho, oil digging company, photo on 18-01-08 website, japanese guy in movie etc. maybe these references are just to do with the whole cult japanese monster movie thing. im not sure.

I dont think they will release a sequal, i believe the reason why j.j.abrams has but on these little clues etc out on the net is to answer any questions people had before/after the film and its simply down to the viewer to find out for themselves if the really wanna know.

1 more thing, you can buy slusho t-shirts on there site lol, i ordered mine.

Let me know what you think on my theory, you can email me too @

peace out. JT

Also 1 other point which might be worth looking into or maybe its nothing but on the 01-18-08 website the top of the webpage window has this:
'-- -'
i checked the net and looked at morse code '--' is 'M' & '-' is 'T'
'MT' well i looked this up and all i could find was that MT are the initals for MALTA same as UK for UNITED KINGDOM, maybe im barking up the wrong tree i dont know.

I have this theory about Marlena exploding.
Someone said something about the medical place being very lit up and so possibly the creatures being afraid or hurt by the light. Maybe that is why they dragged her away so that she could die from the light because maybe those things were transformed from normal people from a toxin or poison, which is kind of silly but still.

Also with someone mentioning the parasite things that cling onto whales and clean them etc, that does make sense if they were also mutated from the bi products excreted by the monster which therefore coming from the effects of that Slusho stuff.

Someone mentioned the monster having 'crab arms'. This could also explain about why all the weapons used upon the creature didn't harm it because that may mean it could be a crustacean of some sorts. If it was a crustacean it would have a strong shell (Exo-skeleton).

Rant over.

Got more stuff that makes more sense.......

The creatures cannot withstand light due to living at such depths. The main monster wouldn’t be affected by light as the SLUSHO has enhanced its traits making it stronger but the smaller parasites still may not be able to handle it because of their inferior structures. The smaller organisms may have been small parasites that clung to the cloverfield before it became mutated. This could have affected them too as they could have mutated due to the bi-products being excreted from the cloverfields pores etc.
The cloverfield had been described as having crab arms. This could mean it is a crustacean giving it a hard exo-skeleton (made harder by the SLUSHO), which explains why the military could not kill it. Ordinary armour piercing ammunition shouldn’t be able to penetrate such a colossal creature, but still doesn’t explain why they didn’t resort to nuclear weapons. Although delay fused artillery shells filled with napalm would have been a clear choice as it has a better chance of cracking the shell and due to the delay it wouldn’t detonate until it was actually inside the creature, spewing napalm under its shell, and basically torturing the monster. Or they could have easily set up a sniper, fairly far away, 50cal. And wiped out its eyes, whatever.

Marlena exploded due to the small parasites biting her, possibly secreting some poison or toxin or even placing eggs inside of the host, this caused her body to become highly reactive against light and, if it was an egg, exploding within her. Or if it was a poison or gas etc the light could have caused a catalyst, producing the gas en mass, resulting in her spontaneous combustion. This can be justified as bodies are seen with their stomachs ripped open, this may have happened due to the eggs actually hatching and not exploding from exposure to the light.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

p.s. I haven’t even seen the movie

Sorry for the thousand posts, but I just read Jarky's comment about that 'MT' thing.
Mariana Trench in morse code?????????

Also the Mariana Trench is pretty much next to Japan, explaining where they would be harvesting the secret ingredient for Slusho...

This is last post, I promise ^_^

I just read Jarky's comment about the 'MT' thing. I think that this could possibly have something to do with the Mariana Trench. MT might be the initials for the Mariana Trench in morse code or something.

Also the Mariana Trench is located very close to Japan, which may explain where they were harvesting the secret ingredient for Slusho and where cloverfield was spawned.

Just been on the slusho.jp site and Whales are mentioned a few times maybe Cloverfiled is a mutated whale? Also on the "happy talks" page one comes up saying "Slusho makes my stomach explode with happiness", neither are propbably related!

i seen cloverfield an i was amazed, it was the best film ever. the ending came an i was confused, the only problem was nobody told me to wait until the credits. what i have been reading on here has made me regret my rush to catch the bus home..... =|

I just read somthing about people on boats firing up in the air, and people firing in the sea or something. well if you look at the picture of the dead aliens or whatever they are, on the one on the right there is a sea bird eating some of the dead body. if they do eat it wont the sea birds turn into monsters aswell?

Basically, what happened, George Bush wanted a new pet, so he ordered a crab and a lizard from japan, at the same time he also ordered some slusho. On the flight over there was air turbulence so the slusho got all over the crab and the lizard. The creature then formed into one animal and grew in size dramatically, causing the plane to crash into the sea, and the creature splashed in at the end of the film from the plane. The landing gave the creature a concussion so it fell asleep for like a few weeks. Then the oil rig accidently woke him up because they were playing Backstreet boys music too loud, so it made him angry so he took it out on the city. Rob and beth didn't die at the end, because she remember she had super powers (powers of healing) and she created a forcefield around the both of them. The creature is still alive because it has a super crab shell that makes it inpenetrable, like Batfinks bulletproof wings. It didn't mean to kill Hud, it was just being friendly and licking him. The real reason why Marla Marlene whatever, exploded was because the white house has been training creatures to plant dynamite into people. That Jamie guy could be alive because i think he can fly. The woman in the helicopter probably died, because she forgot to wash the dishes before she left the party. The next film might be from the view point of the military, as they had cameras on their helmets. The military probably find a radio frequency in the sequel that says 'it's still alive'.

And then they all do the conga basically.

pretty good summary

the secret is matt reeves already made part 2 the sequel to cloverfield -kcarta

I thought the film was amazing. Can someone point out exactly when this mysterious object falls from the sky at the end? I have watched the part before the credits about 20 times and have not found it!! Thanks, James

Cloverfield was a intence movie, however the actual mission is called "cloverfield" not cloverfield the monster like some of you have stated, dont you think that the guy who was going to japan his girlfreind would of died anyway because one of the metal poles from the structure of the roof was through the left hand side of her body towards the shoulder where quincydently the heart lays and beats, i do belive the satelite falling into the water but i really doubt the recipe of slusho would have caused such a big monster to evolve and also wales are not the only creatures which inhabbit the waters, e.g sharks, dolphins... anyway until cloverfield 2 is realeased we all have to sit tight and exspand on our theorys and answers

I agree with you Bally about Beth. It's a bit weird and silly how she was still able to walk and run after all that.
She would have lost too much blood.
And it would have been better to keep the pole through her so that there wouldn't be as much bleeding.

I was just thinking, why are the goverment watching this tape? they will have loads of different version of peoples story.

I think that maybe they want to see that "splash" at the end. Thats the only they have the tape.

it shows a clue to the creature (s)

while iam having a rant i think there are two monsters mother and child

i download the movie cloverfieldi had i seen it in the movie theaters but i heard alot of thing about being clues stuff...so i watch the movie twice and repated going back n forth tryign to find out thing when i noticed at the begining of the movie is april 27 6:42 am thats when robert starts to use his camara and then he goes to coney island thats where he captures the satilite falling in the ocean...in other pages it say sumthing about slusho thats how the monster was created..if u here wat he say at the end when hes in central park under the tunnel with Elizabeth .. hes say ma name is robert right now is may 23 6:42...so the movie starts a 6:42 am and it ends at 6:42 am ...wats the meaning of that???....the first time

check this link out

after u see the video
go to 1-18-08.com that a cloverfield link it show a couple of pictures and one is related to this video chek it out and tell me wat ya think..

i thought the movie was ok but i wish it was longer and i didn't realy like the camera shaking all the time i wish it would have been more still when he was like we can get to the other building by walking on the rubble and stuff i told my friend yeah and we can also use the elevator that i about to fall and i don't see why they would even try to use the elevator i mean u don't use it when theres a fire so why use i when there i a freaken huge monster out side that can make me poop a brick

i thought the movie was ok but i wish it was longer and i didn't realy like the camera shaking all the time i wish it would have been more still when he was like we can get to the other building by walking on the rubble and stuff i told my friend yeah and we can also use the elevator that i about to fall and i don't see why they would even try to use the elevator

hey there, great film, some great comments... ok heres some ideas for sequels.
the start is odviously FBI or someone watching the video...who is it? have they suvived? could follow whoevers piecing the bits together...perhaps with other videos.
other video camera people...this would be good but i worry would take away the greatness of cloverfield. yes its awsome, but the idea of filming so long (n not long enoguh for many) is a bit far fethed. yse i think in cases of stress like that filming would maybe help-giving you purpose and allowing urself distance frmo the trouble...but to say other people did what this guy did...is a long shot
there is so much in this...and i dont think we'll ever get all the answers we want-making it, in my opinion, a true cult classic, one of the best sci-fi,romantic,action, thriller,horror dramas (with hints of comedy) of the year. i just hope the oscars dont shove it off due to its video camera moves

i know cloverfield is the name of the street of "bad robot" prodution hq but why do we have it as a title????????

this is awesome! saw the movie last night, and i did leave the place wondering what was going on but i didnt expect to find all this!

just been onto that tagruato website and found this about (possibly) the oil rig collapse reported in the secret video thing :

There has been an altercation at the Chaui Station. Although details are limited at present time, be assured that Tagruato is taking every measure necessary to ensure the safety and well being of all staff and crew. Specialty teams have been deployed, and are working aggressively to restore harmony at the site.

The cause of the problem is currently being investigated, although it is suspected that an eco-terror cell is responsible for the disturbance.

We have top investigators on our side. Everything will be resolved shortly, and all problems will be fixed. If you have any questions, please contact us at +81-3-5403-6318 for further instructions.

ring the number for further instructions? im feelin that. anyone else want to do it who isnt a student, feel free lol.

In the FINAL, FINAL scene of the film we see Beth and Rob on a ferris wheel at Coney Island. He pans the camera to his left to shoot the ocean and if you look to the far right of the screen you will see what appears to be the monster falling out of the sky and into the water [link]http://i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj17/mosai89/IMG_0235.jpg [/link] "JJ stated himself that the monster has been down at the bottom of the ocean for thousands of years. What fell into the ocean at the end of the movie was a satelitte. If you pay attention to the viral marketing, Taragutu's site states that one of their satelittes fell out of orbit and was lost. This is what woke up the monster from its dormant state." You be the judge....

I read on Wikipedia that the plot of the story was that a monster got separated from a group and ended up in New York.This means there is more of them and could lead to a sequal

The Quote from Wikipedia " The key idea behind the monster was that he was an immature creature suffering from "separation anxiety".

Spot on Matt. The director and Abrams have both talked about the idea that the creature is so enraged because it is a child separated from its parents.

That does suggest more.

I never noticed any of this but im really wanting to see it again now. And i don't think the myspace thing is relevant. If they had just destroyed new york the last thing Beth and Rob would be getting is internet access to update their myspace. Same with the chickwho got on the first chopper, internet would be a very low priority for her, seeing as everything and everyone she knew and loved had been destroyed.

Although i knew the cameraguy would get eatin, he talked to much =]

What happend to the woman in the first chopper. Did she die because as the chopper was leaving there was an explosion

I think so Matt. I can't rightly remember mind you.

First Review of ‘Cloverfield’ Confirms Everyone Dies, But in Some Awesome Way

I found this on the internet but also i found

"Lily gets into a helicopter and is separated from Hud, Beth and Rob. It is not really known what happens to her. They don't show her helicopter wrecked."

I found a cool bit of info its not relevant to the clues but interesting anyway The film was shipped to theaters under the fake title Bertha.

More backround on the monster

"The concept for the monster is simple. He's a baby. He's brand-new. He's confused, disoriented and irritable. And he's been down there in the water for thousands and thousands of years."

And where is he from? "We don't say deliberately," notes the writer, Drew Goddard. "Our movie doesn't have the scientist in the white lab coat who shows up and explains things like that. We don't have that scene."

The picture of the chef on www.18-01.08.com with a recipe written on it. The recipe means "seabed nectar" and this is relevant in 2 ways. One It mutated a sea creature to the monster or Two it comes from the monster. Also the man in the ally who the group cant understand is asking for help to find his familly and daughter and that he cant live without them.This answers the question is it a clue? the answer is NO

There is going to be a sequal from 4 different internet sources.

The monster movie will get a sequel after a great opening weekend.

In a move that may dismay many cinemagoers, Paramount has announced that 'Cloverfield' will be followed by a sequel.

There is going to be a sequal from 4 different internet sources.

The monster movie will get a sequel after a great opening weekend.

In a move that may dismay many cinemagoers, Paramount has announced that 'Cloverfield' will be followed by a sequel.

Matt, you really have to read the other Cloverfield stories on this site - I've written up most of these things you're talking about elsewhere.

See at the bottom of the article above there's a bit that says "Tagged with:" Just underneath the icons for sharing the story? Next to that it says "Cloverfield" - select that and you'll see all the related stories written about Cloverfield.

Perhaps the most tense and involving movies i've ever seen! Brilliant! But it's still stupid how a stealth bomber, tanks and jets can't take down something that's smaller than Godzilla! Why wouldn't it just dieeeee!

Bet ya didn't know that 'Cloverfield' was the name of the street in which the producers of the film developed the film itself... I was always confused why they named it that name though....

Holy smokes you guys have too much time on your hands. But I'm glad you do. I just watched Cloverfield, and enjoyed it. I didn't realize there were all these "facebook", youtube, and other related sites. Thanks for sharing all the secrets. I hope there is a part 2, 3 or more. One of the better Monster movies I've seen in a while.

if the cloverfield moster is a whale maybe it is possible that the little monsters are plankton. Scale wise it would make sence.

as for the exploding girl I would say it was from a toxin in the bite. she must have been bleeding internally. it would explain the blood coming from her mouth and eyes. I think the expoding might have been a bit over the top but how else could they show it behind the sheet. if she just bloated till she split open and that relived the pressure you most likely would not be able to see it through the sheet.

wow i dont useualy use these things about films but this is so cool, i didnt realise that a film could be this in-depth with myspace pages and things, cloverfeild should win awards just for that, also you never actuly see the monster die, so it's probably not dead but when it comes to more films, where did just useing our imagenations go? and the block who made all these myspace pages and stuff probably wont mind us going crazy over this because then he knows he'd done his job well, i mean we're all obsesed and interested now arnt we? so whats the point in makeing any more from his point of veiw? and when u think about it, is it worth makeing it worse over? the sequals are never as good as the original, thats my opinion anyway

I've seen the movie a few times.

Hey guys, did you read the Tagruato site exclaiming how Slusho! makes everyone/thing livelier and stronger? Don't you think that Rob, working for Tagruato's western operations, already had introduced the super "rejuvenating" Slusho! to some of his buddies, including Beth? That could kinda have explained his eagerness and strong will to go back and help Beth out of that rubble. And Beth's ability to get up and start running like nothing happened even after being badly hurt!
One thing: at the end of the movie, why do you think Rob has zoomed in on that particular view, enough to see that satellite (or whatever) falling from the sky? Maybe he knows more than we think he does.

BTW, the very few seconds of the movie introducing the tape mention that it's viewed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Could Rob have been working at Tagruato as a DARPA agent trying to find out what that Japanese company might have planned other than selling feel-good slushies to the US? How about explaining Rob's quick, calculated reactions and lack of hesitation to impale that little creature up the stairs? Did he know about all this? Maybe he injected himself with some substance he knows that kicks in after 24 hours and that's why he mentions his name at the end of the tape, exactly at 24 hours later!
I'm still reading the clues (there are SOOO many!)

But my guess for the main plot is that Tagruato had some sort of plan to produce a biological weapon or something. And their experiments on marine (and/or HUMAN?) life went terribly wrong in the form of that monster!

Man this is addicting!

BTW, ever think why the monster, after killing Hub, hasn't eaten Rob or Beth? They were merely a few feet away, no?

what i wana know as well is how the military reacted to quickaly and with so much force, im not an experet but i would say that the closest military base to New York is a fair few miles away (they wouldnt use up expencive ground that it worth millions in real estate on a military base, beside what would the need be to have it there) so how did they get all of the military there set up in order to react, repel and to have a functuning medical station with decontamination suits so quickly? there might be a logical way but i dontsee it

maybe the monster came from the deepest part of the ocean. first, it was very small. if you were small you have less volume. the lesser the volume the lesser the pressure you would take. we know that there's a high pressure in the deepest part of the ocean. becoz of the japanesse company or whatsoever digging oil from the deepest part of the ocean, they woke up the monster and accidentally give it a [Rude word removed - Richard] ingredient to make the monster very large. as the monster becomes large, it needs the compatible pressure to him. so needs to go above the sea level so that he can attain the right pressure for him. in the movie, they didnt give us the information of which aming the monster and the military attack first. all we saw is there's an explosion. the explosion cannot be made by the monster instead it is made by the military. so the monster became so angry about that. it's all the millitary's fault.

So many people seem to go way over the top with this.Its so simple,you see the monster fall into the sea in the last scene when Rob and Beth are on the fair ground rides.If you didnt see it the voice at the end of the credits says "fair rides" as a hint to tell you to look at the fair ground rides scene again.

hmm a rehash of every monster film done before.
godzilla and the host comes to mind.
besides which the 2007 the mist was way better and the monster is bigger in one of the end car driving scenes plus a really twisted ending.
cloverfield was watchable but making a new monster is not making a new film.

Great film.

I didn't realise how much I missed the first time round until I read these comments!

There are so many working theories about the film, it's hard to keep up. And the viral marketing is immense!

In some ways, I hope there is a sequel, and in others, I don't. Although the style may not have been original (Blair Witch, anyone?) and the monster-style storyline has been done before (Godzilla) I still think that the film is unique.

I am wondering though, are we looking to deeply into it all? All of the "references" to Slusho etc just seem to me to be a subtle way for a producer to get his baby into as many films as he can. Think of how M. Night Shyamalan always has a cameo role in his own films - it's the same sort of thing.

Have the producers really thought that much about it? Did they really intend on having thousands of fans looking into all of the little easter eggs that occur in the film, and tring to piece them together? I hope so, but who knows. It'd be great if they did. While it's not important to the story, as such, it's good to know that they give as much thought to the "unseen" aspects of the film as tey do to the publicly visible parts.

Detox, I think you've got a sensible head on your shoulders there. Yup, there are tons of tie ins, but that's all about marketing and the fans, the real story had next to nothing in it relating to all the peripherals, it was its own story.

The connections are fun, and while they do help build the hype they also serve to cloud the real facts of what's going on in a film so that we don't all home in on the production and are left with some real surprises.

They are clever with their marketing, but in the end the film is stand alone and separate.

im thinking that if the camera was "retrived" then y was there small bits or the past flashing into it that was a bad thing for the director to do as it says that they are watching it on the same camera.
Im pretty sure the government can take a disc out and put it in a dvd player unless goerge bush forgot how to format them lol

I'm wondering how HUDD (sp?) died when he was swallowed by the monster, and I'm wondering why he was spit back out . When he fell to the ground, it didn't look like a huge fall, and the camera still worked. Perhaps he died from asphyxiation? I doubt it. Also, the monster must not have very sharp teeth either nor a desire to eat meat. There are still parasites or something falling from the monster when it looks down at Hudd which makes me believe that the "parasites" are produced by the big monster. The parasites were trying to drag Hudd away which makes me wonder if maybe the parasites weren't just trying to bring them back to the big monster. The monster possibly took something from Hudd...... his brain.... something..... The parasites weren't attacking to eat either -- they just bit when they resisted. Obviously this crazy Slusho ingredient is in the blood of these creatures -- I'm not sure if the evil company was drilling for the ingredient or what. I'm gonna postulate that the company found a monster that was huge, found out why it was huge, and started doing genetic testing and engineering for a biological weapon. The satellite delivered the slushy crap to an area closer to New York. The "oil rig" studied it. I think they were trying to take-out the US. And for some reason they put that crap in slushies -- possibly for some kind of control or or just plain old testing and reuse of a technology (found in the Mariana Trench (sp?)) Slushies are a great drink. Has anyone here seen Dumber and Dumberer?

In the ferris wheel scene, when the camera is panning the ocean watch the ship, and to the left of the ship you can see something hitting the ocean and making a splash.

i don't know if anyone noticed the symbol on the back of the teddy hanssen "missing" picture on the 1-18-08 site, but the same symbol appears on the jamie and teddy site after you log in (www.jamieandteddy.com [Jamie Lascano's site the password is: jllovesth]). Maybe this means something, maybe not. just something i noticed. i loved the movie, but not so much the "ending". i hope there will be more.

I think it was cloverfield that fell into the water at the end.

If you watch the extra on the dvd they mention that cloverfield is just a baby scared looking for his mother.

the clip of the ferris wheel must of been close to the time of the attack.

so basically what I'm suggestion is that the cloverfield monster must of came from ether outer space or drop by terrist to reck havoc on manhattan

so is there any signs at all that the monsters death. And at the end of the movie how doz rob say help us/its still alive if hes dead?

so i've got another piece that i noticed people haven't caught onto yet, but when they are walking through the subway...notice the parasites do not attack when the light is shining down the tunnel, but when the light is removed and it is just nightvision, the creatures make thier move. So the theory that the smaller creatures are affected by light has to be true with the many instances where light was a factor.

i dont think their going to make a sequel but i do art the same time because i beleive the creators left a tiny clue that will reveal everything and im sure that someone will find it. but i also think that if im wrong with my first theory they'll make a sequelbecause they know people will want to know what happens

ok the reason it is called clover field is because of these two reasons.

-first the clover part is due to clovers. after a bombing of nuclear proportions the area around the nuking sprouts clovers.

-second is that the field commetning on central park being the field in which the bomb goes off.

these two reasons and the name have nothing to do with the bloodthirsty moster that everyoen else has been referring to as "cloverfield"

on another note this movie kicks total ass and i hope they make a sequel even if it sucks.

o and for anyone looking for the time of the satalite crashing into the water it is exacly . . .

1 hour 13 minutes and 21 seconds

you can start to see it fall at around 1:13:12

i heard this on the radio. it was an interview with jj abrams. its called cloverfield because that was the company name they worked with while making the movie. they didnt have a name yet so they code named it cloverfield. and it stuck.

Just finished watching the movie, so I haven't had much of a chance to research all of these ideas and theories. Was just upset with the ending, watched through to the end of the credits to see what was no doubt at the end of the roll so I had to look it up. The radio signal I mean. Thought I'd just add that I knew (assuming I'm right) they weren't going to live from the beginning. This is simply because in the beginning, it says something like "This tape was recovered from Central Park blah blah blah" Key word here is recovered, which in this context sounds like they didn't find the characters alive. It sounds stupid on paper, but "recovered" seems like too strong a word to me. I could just be over-analyzing, but then again I've skimmed through quite a few more far fetched proposals. Kind of ticked at the writer for putting so much stress on the viewer to have them die at the end, but if anyone's seen or read The Mist, you've experienced worse.

wow, i have to say, i really lost hope in hollywood and the hundreds of terrible, terrible movies they splurt out each year.

However this film has made me believe again, that it is possible to still make an amazing piece of visual art.

this film was incredible on so many levels it is undescribable, it is not often that i sit stunned watching a film and just say "Wow..."

if you havent seen it, watch it!

thankyou to the director.

in one of the very last scenes when the guy is with his girl friend in resteraunt, there is something that falls out of the sky into the water and it also looks like the small boat is capcising {on the right side of your tv} btw the scrambled mesage im pretty shure said "its still alive"

On that website with the pics (the recipe one), who is teddy Hansen? and if he went missing on the 27th of July 2007 what has he got to do with cloverfield? the dates in the other pictures are 18.1.08

Hey im just curios about marlena and her being taken behind that tent thing...is it me or does it look like you can see two figures (marlena on the left who appears to be freaking out and some big figure on the right???) can someone please explain that to me?


oh yeh also forgot to mention with the above comment. It appears like the figure on the right is grasping onto the left figure and when you hear that loud pop noise the figure on the left quickly disappears and the figure on the right seems to drop really fast? lol can someone explain that too?

Hey guys just like to let people who didnt know this but if you look at the main cloverfield poster look very closely at the clouds in the top right hand corner because if you look carefully you can see the head of the monster =)
cool hey? :P

Hey herd that the sequel to the movie is not a sequel at all. but takes place at the same time, and is more like a normal film, i.e. not gonzo style with camcorders but filmed on convetional film and angle shots.
If this was true we would learn more background history about the monster, the diffeclt discision of droping the bomb on Manhatton ect ect. would keep the franchise going as the camcorder movie has been done and would get old fast if to repeat it.

to everyone who is sayin that a satelite dropped down and caused cloverfield to wake in some way or another... its a load of crap.

something does fall from the sky, but you can hear cloverfield roar as its falling... not after it hits the water


Did neo actually survive that explosion?

errr...im not to sure he's a hero so he must of, and what happened to cloverfields dad!?

at the end after the copter crash the camera flickers. i paused it and it showed a picture of king kong swating at a plane.

Hey everyone...the film is amazing! A few questions..

1.) Is there a definite sequel?!
2.) Do the guys die at the end?!
3.) If the recording says (backwards) "it's still alive" then it makes no sense. For a start, why would it be recorded in reverse????! (logically). And for the tape to be found, a reasonably thorough examination of the red zone must of been conducted. But how is that the case if the monster is still alive?!

I also have a theory for why Marlena exploded...well, two theories.

1.) There WERE eggs injected into here (typical of marine invertebrate external fertilization). When subjected to high levels of vis. freq. light, the eggs died/exploded causing the same thing to happen to Marlena.

2.) (More likely)..There was talk earlier in the thread of a "slushy" substance or something, that caused the accelerated growth of a Bathyl/Hadeal organism, thus creating the monster. Now, either that growth process is greatly accelerated in the presence of light (Light=energy, something that is of course absent at the bottom of the ocean (1,000-10,000 M). This would explain why Marlena exploded-the light caused the accelerated growth of the organism inside of her, causing her to explode. OR there are no eggs at all, but the virus contained within the organisms (cloverfield) are transmitted via blood (like all other viruses- blood or body fluids) causing the accelerated growth of Marlena. The reason we explode and cloverfield doesn't...well we have ENDOskeletons (inside) whereas cloverfield has EXOskeleton(mentioned earlier "crab like appearance") This means that as cloverfield grows, so does the external cuticle, thus allowing for huge size. As we grow, the skeleton doesn't (at least not as quickly), and it gets to the point where body fluids and soft tissue are no longer supported by the skeleton, but by skin...which of course eventually breaks under the tensile stress...

another question...

If cloverfield comes from the bottom of the ocean,
A.) How does it breathe in a terrestrial environment?
b.) How can it withstand the change in pressure from 250,000 PSI to 14 PSI (standard atmospheric pressure)!?!!


well i think that cloverfield is the love child of ET and godzilla they, she has the look of the both of them, but where did skeletor end up at the end?...and did He-Man really kill himself? i think these questions need to be answered soon because the whole world will be asking the same thing sooner or later and casuing a big fuss SO SORT US OUT PLEASE...ps i've seen cloverfield 2...if you wana copy let me know.

Carey, just to try and answer a couple of questions:

1.) Is there a definite sequel?!
Seemingly there is going to be, although it's been delayed as both Reeves and Abrams are busy on other projects, but they have promised that they are sitting down and working on one.

2.) Do the guys die at the end?!
That's one of the big questions, and could well depend on the third.

3.) If the recording says (backwards) "it's still alive" then it makes no sense. For a start, why would it be recorded in reverse????! (logically). And for the tape to be found, a reasonably thorough examination of the red zone must of been conducted. But how is that the case if the monster is still alive?!
I'm not sure if the recording does say "it's still alive" - could it say "we" or "they"? Regardless it's a little easter egg dropped in by Reeves to hint at a possible sequel.

Perhaps the sequel could look at the events after the bomb blast - maybe the creature survives, or some of its children do, and they have to clear the city out first - that could have some stories to tell before they finally wipe everything out.

Oh and SpudMonkey, there is no Cloverfield 2 even on script yet, never mind filmed.

right so this is my take on things, right or wrong, just putting it out there.

firstly after lookin at the Slusho and Tagruato company site (both viral sites for Cloverfield) they are both obviously linked together, with Slusho being an offshoot of the Tagruato corp.

I personally believe the Tagruato company to be a mini regime, however this beside the point. I see the "secret special" ingredient from the depth of the sea to be either a) an extreme organic nutrient, b) chemical accumulation built up from the drilling of Tagruato. These components of the Slusho drink would provide a basis (in micromolar concentrations) a growth boost/mental boost in the way that RedBull or other energy drinks do with Taurine/Caffeine.

If this was present at the base of an anoxic marine environment it may not disperse correctly into the surrounding waters. thus an organism (aka Clover) present to these standards MAY grow to extreme proportions/undergo large mutatory changes.

Clover to my eyes is a Deep-ocean, Oxygen/Terrestrial-life Tolerant Amphibian. this would explain the moist looking skin and the gills present before eating Hud.

I see Clover as a unplanned biproduct of the Slusho special ingredient production, with its disturbance due to the sattelite and drilling activity. Clover, as stated, seems to be a disturbed juvenille.

as for the possible survival of rob/beth, your guess is as good as mine.

and the ectoparasites that drop off its body could be previous minor parasites as stated earlier. which have undergone the same mutations as Clover.

now the serious stuff is out of the way:

hopefully a sequal is planned as i loved this film, the style and plot is a gripping one.

marlena exploded. thats what happens when you get infected with the virus. didn't you see the guy with the popped open chest cavity like... 2 minutes before that. he must have been bitten and infected. then he exploded.

and im pretty sure that cloverfield didnt smash into the ocean.. a satallite did.

JESUS, i got a scare when i went on the www.1-18-08.com site...if you leave it running in the background a sound will eventually play (the monster roaring) it scared the freakin' hell outta me (volume on high).

I know why marlena relly exploded, everyone that said the parasites hate the light were right, u c if the medical outpost didn't have light marlena would have not gone the prosess. I will tell u the prosses 1. the parasites bite u 2. when there fangs are in u a posian/toxin is relesed causing u to have some of there traits like hating the light 3. u could live the rest of your life as long as u stay in the dark.4. once u get in 2 the light u'll start to feel dizzy 5. u'll start losing blood 6.a few seconds later u'll swell up and blow up .the parasites are bacically like mosquito they bite u then where they bite u it swells up that's why marlena swelled up then went pop.

This is without a doubt my favourite movie, just because it is a great combination of different styles of filming. The whole thing being on one camera, and not really knowing what's going on is a bit of a throw-back to The Blair Witch Project.
I would absolutely love a sequel but as long as they don't try and make it different (i.e. Blair Witch 2).

Oh Colonel, you would want it to be exactly the same style? What about the story - just the same but from other people's cameras? Do you think that really would work?

I was just thinkin somebody mentioned the camera being recover well it was actully retrieved beth and rob must have thought the camera was broke so they just left it there and ran off (if they lived).anyway my point the militery must have been looking for suvivers and stubmbluld across the camera therefore it was retrived.

also this website thing got some of are names messed up .my first post was th 1 about the prosess of being bitten by the parasites.

I went on the Slusho website and I saw something that no one has talked about yet. On the 'Flavors' part, after all the robots show up, the secret ingredient pops up on top of the cup on the background. It looks like a lotus-type of flower/plant. On 'The Odyssey', Odysseus and his men come across an island which was full of lotus plants. When you ate one, you would want to stay on the island and eat more. It was very addictive, and maybe this is what Slusho's secret ingredient does to people. And why can't 'you drink just six' and there are only six flavors? Does that mean you would have to drink all the flavors over and over?

ok 1. i am zboy this web thing is screwed up 2. u are rit pilopants that is true about the slusho website ok now some one please tell me where on tagruato.com do u find the oil tanker be fliped over or what ever?

I´m very confused!! Is this Slusho drink a real existing drink and is that japaneese company which Rob is going to work for a real company?? Or is it just made up for the movie??

The Slusho company and drink is just made up, not just for the film though, Abrams uses it in a lot of his work both film and TV.

Oki, thx:o) really liked the movie despite the crappy ending that just leaves thousands of questions and no answers:o)

No problem Tannabanana. I think the ending is there to do just that, confuse and raise questions for possible sequels.

Can I join in your discussion here just to say I like Tannabanana's username? ;)

ok if u get on giant freakin robot .com and type in cloverfield it will talk about some things including that dadadadaaaaaaaaaa cloverfield might be in transformers 2. but first bay has to convins j.j.abrams
to let bay see the monster hes even gona borrow the shacy cam idea shacy cam meet transformers, transformers meet shacky cam

Rob & Beth could not have been alive, because they leveled the city.

ok remember how i said the cam being retrived well i was thinkin and i cant decided so u decide rob and beth must be alive because if the cam was retrived they would have found the dead bodies so rob and beth r clealy alive

I know you're probably never going to see this, but zboy, I can't understand a thing you said.

Are you in elementary school yet?

It would not be bad if the sequel was made as a comic, maybe a 'Manga', like the animatrix

It would not be bad if the sequel was made as a comic, maybe a 'Manga', like the animatrix

Has anyone wondered if the main ingredients for SLUSHO is actually nectar and food for the monster? With the oil company harvesting all the SLUSHO from deep sea, could it be the monster is mad that they are taking away his food.

I got this inspiration watching Hud getting eaten.

1. The monster decided to attack the chopper they were escaping in, from the smoke.

2. When Hud picked up the camera, the monster stopped on it's track and was sniffing out for something, and at that moment was not looking at Hud but beyond him. Then it looked down, at Hud, as if it had sniffed something (note the two giant red gills on it's head).

And then Hud got chomped up.

I dunno, but Hud always gives me the impression he's high on something. Like SLUSHO.

Just watched the movie yesterday for the first time. It's awesome. I loooove the idea of a handheld camera. Missed the stuff at the end though, I'll have to watch it again.
But I was thinking, if it does say "they all watched it", couldn't it be referring to dum dum duuuum... us? I know it sounds kinda weird, as I have no idea how they would get that into another movie, but it would be really cool. As if watching the movie did something to you (apart from getting you obsessed over it's true meaning).
Just saying. ;D

When I listened to it I heard
"We're Still Alive."

Which leads me to think the sequel will involve Rob and Beth for sure and Maybe Lily.

Also my Friends and I believe that The monster that ate Hud was Clovers Mom....The monster just look significantly different.

All I'm going to say is what was confirmed by abrams

It says "Help us." backwards it says its still alive.

It was a satelite not monster that fell from sky.

and that they might make a sequel but as the camera man that also looks at hud.

abrams also said that the Monster is basically a lost child and its confused.

Abrams has also confirmed there is only 1 monster just it looks different because of the different angle shots from the videocamera.

My theory's: The sacks on the side of its face are not gills but lungs.. and when i looked at some context art it almost look like there was a weird looking whole on the top of its head.. almost like a whale/dolphin kinda thing.

But the reason why i dont believe its a mutated whale is because its outer tough scale like a crab so thats where im confused.

I heard that if they do do a sequel that it would be in a different Point Of View. If thats true, then how would we see if Rob and Beth died when there under the tunnel?!?!?!?

This is what the recipe on the back of the photo translates into read :

Thank you for checking us out! We are Introducing this week's tasty one dish. Make sure you eat it cold!

Skinless chicken breast - 2, cut in halves
Sōmen noodles - 10 oz.
Watercress - 1/2 cup cut into small strips
Turnip - 1/2 cup, thinly sliced
Shiitake Mushrooms - 1/2 cup
Chicken stock - 1/3 cup
Sake - 2 tbsp.
Sugar - 1/2 tsp.
Deep Sea Nectar - 1 pinch

In a small saucepan, stir together 1/3 cup water, chicken stock, sake, and sugar. Chill it until it becomes cold. Grill the chicken breast on both sides for about 8 minutes, and then chill. Boil the noodles for about 3 minutes, and then run under cold water until chilled. Mix the watercress, radish, and mushrooms into the sōmen. Slice the chicken thinly and arrange on top of the sōmen mix. Just before you serve, put the deep sea nectar in the sauce and pour over the noodles generously.

Go Go Delicious Chef!

it says help us,just like lost

I just cannot wait for the sequel.

The movie itself is a great piece of work, but what bothers me the most is that the monster itself is a big hole in the plot. As first if the monster is a deep sea resident than low pressure open air would be most likely lethal to it. Other thing is the size. How could this 6000 metric tons colossus be able to move out of water on those slender legs. It wont be able to stand and move that fast even if it has niobium skeleton and carbonfiber ligaments. And what a miracle!!!...it can jump higher than the skyscraper and land unharmed!!! When I saw it in the scene where it destroys Brooklin Bridge I thought it was some kind of squid-like molusc, but later I was a bit dissapointed with its humanoid features. The movie tends to realism, so this is a great minus. Of course, it can be explained as ET engineered doomsday device that perhaps Japanese company found in the ocean and used it as a revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki:))))

Loved the movie!

We have a similar new movie project inspired by the book, The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart. Check it out!


Cloverfield. Great movie. Seen at the cinema and on bluray a few times and as everyone has said, alot of questions, few answers.

I do have a few points I will ask though.

1. Falling object at Ending.
If this was the creature/satalite falling from orbit then it would have been travelling at a far greater velocity than seen on the camera at the end, and after passing through the atmosphere should be burning hot and leave a smoke trail behind that would have been visable long before hitting the ocean. Could be that such depth of details was not required, but for plausability for a potential explanation would have been warranted.

2. The little creatures.
Most likely a mutation of the equivalent to barnacles or other similar symbiotic parasites that co-exist with it's host on a mutually beneficial level. Potentially dropping off to feed for themselves.

Or they could be a parasitic mechanism of harvesting potential food for the larger creature. In the subway one tried to drag one of the party away, once attacked (and killed?) another one bite home on Marlena's shoulder. The fact that Marlena exploded after being bitten, may not be related to eggs exploding or a smaller creature bursting out in it's infant form. A plausable theory could simply be a neutralising agent used to paralyse a prey, similar to a taurantula bite (forgive the spelling) desolving the organs or a bitten animal or prey. In Marlena's case, a mutated creature would hold a mutated and more aggressive effect, after all the part of Marlena that exploded was the upper part of the chest from what I saw, the stomach/kidney/liver area was still there and the rest of the meat would still be on the bones!

3. Military quick on the scene.
In most cases (key word most) the Military may have been aware of the creature moving towards New York before anyone else knowing. The first incident with he creature was late night 11:00pm - 12:00pm, and they could probably get close to the area of effect without much disturbence. I don't remember what the time stamp was if there was one for the first instance of the Military attacking the creature, but I imagine the Military would be quick to respond once hostility was confirmed.

4. Big Daddy
The large creature could very well be the mutation or product of the ingestion of this secret ingrediant used by Slusho. The creature origins will be the biggest question and theories will no doubt be plentiful.

There is so much we still do not know about the deepest ocean beds, not everything in the sea will need fins and tails, or even gills for that matter. In the last seen before Huds lower torso becomes a case of where can I fine a 10 meter long tooth pick, you do get a close up of the creature. It has eyes, nose slits slightly higher but closer to the eyes on the forehead, it has a mouth and tongue (would a deep sea creature or any shape, size or form require the use of a tongue? excuse my ignorance on the subject), and also at the back of the head sacks that can be seen exhaling in a breathing fashion (obviously equipped for air breathing in a fashion). The creature was not armoured with a shell like exoskeleton from what I saw, it was very flesh like skin, saggy and thin to the bone in areas. It also had 2 arms (looked similar to the arms the queen alien from aliens has around the mid section) on the mid body between the legs and the main longer stilt like arms. A theory for the 2 smaller arms on the mid torso could theoretically be for supporting the weight of the body out of water. I have only theorised this because if you take a shark out of water and hoist it horizontally the weight would cause the mid section of the shark to just sag to the ground. I imagine it may be the same for the creature and if it is sea born in origin these arms could be means of offering support on the mid torso section.

All of the above is my speculation and probably a load of crap :) but you can only analyse what you can see visually in the film. There are audio stimuli from the scenes where it is being attacked, and quite abit from the bridge scene, could the sounds be clues if you were to imagine a sound underwater, would it be like whale song or if the origin were that deep underwater would there be a need for such vocal sounds?

5. Bombs away
I do not think it was a nuke that was used on the creature, the fallout would not just be that small area of new york and I really do not think the Military would have been crazy enough to risk the resulting fallout on the surrounding areas.

The missles used would more likely have been incendary in origin. Think of the missles use in The Rock movie, the ones used to vapourise the viral agent at the end of the movie. Basically a modern version of a so much more powerful yet concentrated napalm bomb/missle. If this was the case then Rob and Beth will not be alive for a sequel should they do one.

6. I want one.
The camera hud uses throughout the film.

At least 1-2 hours worth of battery life, while having a light turned on and then a night vision mode activated. That is some camera to last as long as it did. I want one.

7. Sequel
I hope so, this movie was so good. It would be great for origins to be explained and questions answered.

What I hope does not happen, is a telling of the same story, just from another shaky bystanders point of view. It has been done before, and is an old concept.


And that's all from me.

I was just looking at the destroyed tanker picture on the 1-18-08 site and remembered that the tanker was the first thing destroyed. The tanker is partially blurred out as it would be in a classified photo, meaning they are obviously hiding something. What if the tanker was transporting "Cloverfield" Slusho is searching for some secret ingredient, the parent company, Tagruato, is an oil company with obvious access to tankers. Oil tankers are the biggest ships in the world. Cloverfield could easily have fit in the belly. Even more out there. Maybe mama was in the tanker too.

this film is so deep!

Haven't seem anyone mention this (or I overlooked it)... if you look at the myspace page for Rob (http://www.myspace.com/robbyhawkins) his last login date was the release date of the film [(1/18/08) assuming he's alive] which was after the date of the scene where they were under the bridge and where some think they died.

What do you guys think?

havn't any of u noticed that the monster is a bit of many sea animals, like octopus 'arms', crap 'legs' and the tail looks alot like the tail o a lobster, also the small things falling of the moster could also simulate the way some sea orthrowpods look after their young by keeping them inside of them?, rather than the monster eating this slusho, it could have 'wokeup' from millions of year's of hibanation, because of the polution of slusho made, or taken from it, which made it angry

overall i think this monster is a moster from long long ago seeing it's ansetors as crabs and octopus'. this is believeable because the first multicelluar organisms to evolve were orthrowpods, and archaeologyists have also found craps and lobsters the size of double decker buses, from millions of years ago.

I will just say this. Ever think that Abrams did all of this just like he did the first movie? Get all of the geeks and nerds (sorry, but I'm a geek myself) to look past all of this with the Slusho and Japanese oil rigs and stuff, just to hide what he is really doing with the 2nd movie (if there is 1)? Basically leak false info 2 the fans so they have something to do for a long amount of time. I have thought about this movie long and hard like many of you (what else does a bored 15 year old do in his spare time lol) and I have seen the reasoning behind many theories and arguments, but I have given up. It was a great movie, I loved the whole camera deal, the mystery of it all and them trying 2 make an American monster 2 call our own. Just have faith and wait until we have SOLID AND VERIFIABLE proof before you guys go nuts like me.

To end this little shindig, why name first contact with an unidentifiable creature "US-447"? "447" as in the number of related incidents? And "US", perhaps other countries have similar problems? Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Have fun =)

there is a pic on www.cloverfieldclues.com
of loads of little clovers swimming around a taraguarato sub. this means either the sub is incredibly huge or the creatures have grown or have been made to be clovers size. one theory is that the creatures fed on the sea nectar . on www.slusho.jp it says the ingredient made little whale huge hence the scale of clover.
proof of clovers feeding on the sea nectar in the blu ray edition there is an extra from the military view which tells us samples from parasites contained sea nectar natrually clover would contain it because the parasites feed of clover so if it is in the parasites it must be in clover aswell.

the fact that clover might explain its invulneribilty to bombs bullets etc the sea nectar was found under amazing pressure and in extreme cold so for clover to feed on it it would have to be able to wtihstand incredible pressure and temperature thus expalining its resiliance to army bombardments.
this hints again for a sequel if it can survive intense bombardment why cant it survive a hammerdown the most powerful non nucelar attack.

there is a pic on www.cloverfieldclues.com
of loads of little clovers swimming around a taraguarato sub. this means either the sub is incredibly huge or the creatures have grown or have been made to be clovers size. one theory is that the creatures fed on the sea nectar . on www.slusho.jp it says the ingredient made little whale huge hence the scale of clover.
proof of clovers feeding on the sea nectar in the blu ray edition there is an extra from the military view which tells us samples from parasites contained sea nectar natrually clover would contain it because the parasites feed of clover so if it is in the parasites it must be in clover aswell.

the fact that clover might explain its invulneribilty to bombs bullets etc the sea nectar was found under amazing pressure and in extreme cold so for clover to feed on it it would have to be able to wtihstand incredible pressure and temperature thus expalining its resiliance to army bombardments.
this hints again for a sequel if it can survive intense bombardment why cant it survive a hammerdown the most powerful non nucelar attack.

in the last scene at the ferris wheel, just before the camera goes to the two people, on the right you can see an object falling into the sea. This is either the monster or something that accidentaly woke it.

Hello, just something I looked at. Sorry for all the typos and sorry for getting a little too technical.

If you use something like Google Earth and look at Coney Island, you see it is far (10 miles) from Manhattan, where the monster attacked. Now they said the falling sattilite woke the monster (about 3mi from the Coney coast). Why will the monster, after being awakened swim all the way threw the rivier and when it gets to NYC it attacks! Also, does anyone know the the possible (exact) locations of 1. Rob's Apartment 2. Beth's Apartment 3. Helicopter Evac site 4. Heli Crash Site.

I am trying to connect everything geologicly...

If you notice on the Tagruato site on the deep sea drilling section the symbol above the map of drilling sites is the same as the symbol on the back of the photograph for the missing man. Obviously he worked for them in some way.

this might sound weird but i just saw the movie and i think that the slusho mith is just gay the thing was nothing like a fish/wale thing it is a being from another world starting a war with the human race to inhabit the planet and breed with the bodies of us so for the second movie i would think the guy on the brige filming the one freind gets out of the city to somewhere in d.c and they fid out that there are over 1 in each majior country in the world and the army take his camera and it turns into a movie veiw and he finally gets a home but then a day later one of them rises from the white house and our camera man hero must escape to a bunker for a nuclear war and along the way he meets up with some pepole and fight off those crawler things and even take down the one in dc.

I think when the monster bites you it lays an egg inside you like in alien vs predator when the things latch onto you, cause when they first enter the army camp we see a person go by on a rolling table whos chest was all opened and shit, so its possible it grows causing pressure and when you burst open it pops out, but because it cannot survive in light since it is a baby and it is part aquatic, it dies when exposed to intense light.
This would explain perfectly well why Marlena "Exploded" and why they freaked out when they knew she was bit and took her into a highly lit tent which we can tell was highly lit since we saw her shadow clearly on the tent.

Hmmm would a object from space be enough to awake a long sleeping monsters....? i think maybe not more likely story about alien /egg from space is right or mutanted fish is more correct ?

: This has nothing to do with the movie but should be said.

Terrorism has nothing to do with oil. We were not attacked due to our greed for oil (though we are greedy with oil). For terrorists, it's half religious, half takeover. They are extremists; they believe in something so strongly that they are willing to kill those who do not agree with them. Terrorism is racism in it's truest form.

i loved this film, i thought it was amazing. i juist dont understand how help us, can be its still alive backwards? and are they evan speaking english when they say help me or just jibberish, anyways, any suggestions ?

Last words: They all watched. I thought the head of the creature looked like that of a bat.

That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

"They all watched it."

DO ANY OF YoU [Derogatory comment removed - Richard] KNOW HOW TO TYPE CORRECTLY?!?!?!? WHY CANT I READ ONE POST WITHOUT SEEING "AMBUSMNHD" OR SOME [Expletive removed - Richard] LIKE THAT?????? YOU GUYS ALL [Expletive removed - Richard] FAIL!!!!!!!

the radio chatter says help us! and reversed it sort of sounds like its still alive

hi i know this is meg Late but remember when they were crossing the bridge one of the characters( dont know which) bumbed into some one else ging the opposite direction, that person had a video camera, just thinking that it the sequel migt be from there camera......

Not late at all Ross. The talk is that when a sequel finally gets under way, one of the possible ideas is that they'll look at using footage from other characters and cross the stories over to tell something rather different.

It's just talk at the moment though for the production and script are a long way off.

I'm pretty sure I read on wiki that Cloverfield is the name of the exit that Abrams takes to his office so all of this clovers after a bombing and the field...it makes sense I guess I personally don't think it's right.

hey ppl . . just come across something intesting . . if u go to http://www.1-18-08.com/ these were the viral pictures release prior to the movie CLOVERFIELD . . now if u click on the pics and while holding click quickly move the cursor back over the pic they will flip over and reveal the underside of the pictures . . also while i still had the page open but was entering this msg a strange noise came over my speakers like a groaning or whaling sound . . very interesting i must say

me again the same person as the one above this . . i'd cut and paste but just take a look at the web site and do what i explained to do try to click n flip the pictures on the web site http://www.1-18-08.com/ lots to be revealed . . several photos reveal some things i dont what yet but sure this will be the start of many inquiries and curiosities . .

does anybody notice the sound on the site 1-18-2008 if kept opened long enough? what is that sound?

3 things 1.Has anyone ever thought that maybe the monster was looking for more of that slusho ingredient so he attacked the rig and then later he went on land to find some that sort of makes sense 2. when that girl explodes I think that when the parasite bit her she had an allergic reaction that made her blood cells multiply so it built up to the point of explosion. and 3. The mister could have originally been a whale because whales have almost identical bone structure to the monster any way those were my thoughts please respond by the way great movie.

@ Jerry,
Personally, i don't think it was a whale at one point. It has a almost humanoid appearance. It had a human like head, and you see its 2 long arms.

i know everything the thing that fell was a meteor and inside was radio active chemicals so it hit a crab and mutated it.beth and ron live also

I never would have believed I would need to be familiar with
this thank goodness for the web, right?



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