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Cloverfield sequel

Cloverfield.jpgThe Director of Cloverfield, Matt Reeves, is still riding the marketing wave for Cloverfield and a the same time possibly seriously discussing the idea of a sequel to the film.

It's early days but Reeves has been talking openly about the idea behind a sequel and where the Cloverfield story could go next.

Of course if a sequel happens you can bet that Hollywood would be on board in full studio strength. They'll have realised the potential of a sequel by the figures at the box office as well as the activity online, and they'll be ready to maximise it with those two words that usually mark the fate of a film, bigger and better.

Over at Bloody Disgusting through /Film the Director of Cloverfield, Matt Reeves, reveals what the idea might be:

“Only time will tell. While we were on set making the film we talked about the possibilities and directions of how a sequel can go...The fun of this movie was that it might not have been the only movie being made that night, there might be another movie! In today’s day and age of people filming their lives on their iphones and handy cams, uploading it to youtube…That was kind of exciting thinking about that.”

So the sequel would be another take on the entire night, perhaps from a different perspective, or maybe from multiple viewpoints.

They could either just take another group and their experience, or maybe even consider a film that had a few smaller stories being told. Who knows at the moment, but you can be assured that as soon as the final figures for the weekend release are in, the studio will be discussing the idea.

Of course it does depend on what really happens and what that secret ending is all about.

My problem with that is that the creativity will be gone and the freshness of the idea. It's been done, and the studio will want to milk it rather than finding something new and genuinely entertaining in it.

Sometimes, actually more often than not, the first film is just best left as is, without trying to cash in.



i have a strong feeling the makers of this film will make sure that any sequel will still maintain the same crativity as Cloverfield. they don't strike me as the kind of guys who would allow a good idea to become whored and cliched.

As for myself, i hope a sequel explains the origins of the creature and explains what Slusho's connection is with the creature. then again im one of the few people who still thiks there's one at all.

I must agree they are not the kind of people who would compromise their artistic integrity by milking this out. When I walked out of the film i immediatly said that the next film in my opinion should be another perspective. In the film itself they give maybe a hint towards that idea. When the statue of liberty's head is thrown down the street, we can see people taking pictures with their phones and what not. What you may or may not have noticed was that there was a black guy walking with a handheld camera across the street. There is a possibility of the intentional placement of the character.

They have to resist the big might of the studios though, and that's a very powerful thing when they are bankrolling the film.

Mind you, with J. J. Abrams producing they might be able to keep them at bay and get their vision made.

So one for prequel and one for new perspective - what does everyone else think?

I feel that the sequel should be from a military camera, that way, we know what it is, and if it dies or not. The military gives out answers and if its really something that we created, (slusho) then we'll find out the orgins of it, and where it goes after the sirens go off.
I dont know about anyone else, but didnt it seem as though there were more than one monster? Cuz the helicopter was taken down right over the city by the monster, and then they crash in central park, and its right there again. It was a dark greenish color, while the one in the city was larger and grey. Is this noticed by anybody?

I dont think that another hand held camera style sequal woould be the right choice. I'm hoping for more explanation and another creative way of telling the story

Re: comment above, there may be two creatures. However, there appeared to be a delay between the helicopter's departure and the "awakening" after the crash in Central Park (indicated by a difference in daylight). My guess is that they may have passed out for some time. On the other hand, we did know that the bombing (?hammer down?) was only a matter of minutes away, so the difference in daylight is confusing. Any thoughts? Perhaps I'm having a false memory...

The movie will no doubt make a huge amount of money at the box office, at the end of it's run the final toll will be astronomical. This will enevitably push all those involved into wanting to make a sequel. As much as I would love to see a Cloverfield 2, I and many others have doubts about story quality. The writer and director have oviousley discussed the idea and it would seem there are plans, if only on paper to head in this direction. The storytelling possibilities for a sequel are almost endless with almost the entire population of New York carrying some form of recording device, we really do want to see all they see and experience. But are we being greedy, too much of a good thing, surely a sequel cannot live up to our expectations, and more importantly all our imaginations. We will have a couple of years at the very least to discuss and dissect every minute cool detail of this film, and not just with our friends but within a huge global community of fans blogging away till the wee hours(it's 05:37hrs-am by the way) how can a possible sequel live up to all this.
If there is to be a second film, and chances are there will be, then I fear it will disappoint us all. I know I sound pessimistic but the history of film sequels is not good. There have only ever been a couple of exceptions one of these being Aliens, an amazing film that enjoys huge cult status just as Cloverfield will by the time of it's possible sequel.

The director, i'm sure, will do a great job but the writer must do an even better one. They must not be swayed in any way by the 'money-men' into the bigger is better scenario, more effcts, more monster etc. One of the biggest thrills of this movie is the not knowing and not seeing, wondering, "what the hell is it", "whats going on". it kept you with the people on the ground experiencing it all with them, and this is important.

I hope, as we all do that a sequel will blow our socks of. That we will once again be sat tingling on the edge of our seats staring ridged at the screen full of excitment and wonder. I hope that they get it right, it is possible. It's been a long time since I was so excited and entertained by a film, from the first time I saw that trailer through to the very last second of the film, I loved every moment. A masterpiece, please don't ruin it.

Wow! cant wait for it but i think it would be better if they dont make it with a webcam. It would be better. Not that im saying its not great makin with webcam but i think its time for a new perspective.

I can't help but feel the film would have been best ending with the helicopter crash, and leaving it so we kind of knew what the monster looked like but hadn't the chance to take a good look at it. The fact is now that the potential sequel has already lost the not knowing aspect of the film and I personally like the idea that I don't know where the monster came from because from the citizen of New York view you wouldn't know.

The sequel to such an original film should follow the same princicples, perhaps a documentation after the attack, again the filming done by the charachters, however this time the lead is professional documenter, and during the filming, the monster attacks again. This could give a greater insight of the monster (backgrounds etc.) whilst delivering the full excitement of the first film. Just a thought?

I hope they do create a sequel that explains in more detail how the monster was awakened etc. I watched the film last night and found myself on the edge of my seat the whole way through, it really is a brilliant film, especially the ending. They need to explain in the sequel how the monster was killed, if it was, and how/when they found the video camera under the bridge.

I think the best idea for a sequel would be a documentary of the entire event. Did anybody see the Smallpox documentary on FX a few years ago? It was a fake documentary of what would happen if a smallpox epidemic broke out. So I think the best fitting idea for a sequel would be a documentary of the event, like where the creature came from, various camera footage from multiple cameras (I'm sure many other peoples cameras were lost as well).

I just saw Cloverfield, and first thing I did was check if there is going to be a sequel, this is a movie with a Must have sequel title all over it, I learned there is talk about a sequel regarding someone elses perspective, AND DOING THAT MEANS YOU LACK IMAGINATION!!!, OR JUST TOO LAZY AND TIRED TO INVEST IN MAKING A PROPER SEQUEL.
WOW, another perspective, this movie is great as it is and deserves a sequel, FAST, but another persons perspective just takes the first part, a magnificant creation, and shoves it down the toilet (and a toilet that has been just used for a heavy number 2). another persons perspective would be a waste of time, but HOPEFULLY, a sequel will be done in the next manner:
Firstly, the movie will be about 2 hours long, maybe a little longer.
now.. the audience will get to see several not just one but several different other peoples perspective, but not for long.. only for a period of 30-50 minutes, building up the main cast, (and hopefully a miracle was going on and those 2 at the end of cloverfield 1 survived the explosion).
now during the first 50 minutes the camera work is done in the same manner that cloverfield 1 was made.
after that, after building the main characters and showing different perspectives, we take off the shaking camera style and commence in normal steady camera style, and the plot begins, on or more of the main characters found out those little monsters weaknes, another two where making a film at coney island that same day that something fell in (i didnt even notice something falling but so i read), and they caught that on tape and no one would listen to them since nothing was reported or found out by the goverment.. and maybe we should have the brother who died actually survive since you could only see the tail moving bye.. and knocking everything.. but its possible, he moved in the last moment, and survived the fall into the water.. and most importantly both or one of those in the end the guy and the girl (i dont remember the names) one or both survived..
and build this movie into what it was intended to be.
I got more ideas, but I guess my words might not reach far. so I hope someone important does lay his oe her eyes on this since a sequel from another perspective is plain retarded and unimaginative.

Those are a lot of ideas Roy, I too hope someone involved in making decisions on the the sequel is reading this and they don't go for "more of the same" but instead deliver something a little different.

the monster comes from space!!! at the end of the movie you see an egg drop into the ocean right before the guy turns the camera onto himself, I had to rewind the part 4 times to actually see it!!!

I don´t know if anybody notice the stills posted at one of the official sites of the movie. what are they supposed to mean? are they details to understand what happened prior to the events of cloverfield or what? Apart from that, this film is totally Lovecraft. The story is one of the Chthulu Mythos, even the creature looks simply pure Lovecraft...

I don´t know if anybody noticed the stills at one of the official sites of the film. what are they supposed to mean? are the pics details of the story prior to the events shown in the film or what? Apart from that, this movie is totally Lovecraft, the whole story is one of the Chthulu Mythos written by H. P. Lovecraft in the twenties. Even the creature itself looks simply Lovecraftian...

I really hope their is a sequel because if not then this movie sucked. No explanation of anything and the whole blair witch camera thing sucked and people got sick.

The idea of a military camera is genius, but its got to show the bit after the ending of the first one. I think how they died in the last scene is where, as the officer mentioned, they would 'let manhattan go'. The sequel should show, like a third of the movie, if not less, about before that, may be show army people talking about what it is so we know. Then the rest about if it dies or kills everything.. It could even find its mummy?!

I like the idea of a military camera, but maybe they could do the movie after the hammer down thing maybe? Because at the start of the movie it say the tape was recovered and maybe they could do like the aftermath or something with the camera of a recovery team finding out more about the creature. As Rob says in the end "if you are watching this you proberbly know more about it then we do". Or they could do both with multiple sequals beacuse to get the whole picture of what happened in the movie they would need to show it from several angles. Just an idea

the military idea is ok but why would one of the military people be video taping? shouldnt they be saving lives or whatever...

or they could have the military people searching through the ruins and they discover the video tape along with other peoples phones and cameras with recordings on them. and maybe the recordings from this footage will help them uncover a secret of how to kill the monster..

and i dont think that Lily girl who went into the seperate helicopter ever died? we never got to see that...so maybe she will be with them if they uncover the videos?

i cant wait for the sequel which i am very certain there will be one! am so excited...i have to go watch the movie again now.

I honestly hope there is a sequel. I think done well (and i see no reason that it shouldnt be) a sequel could only build on the greatness of this film!
Personally i like the idea of a military perspective and im sure th military take cameras wit them on missions (how else would those horrid torture videos get released). I do also like the idea of another citizens perspective, or even the idea of monsters hitting other places, and there definitely needs to be an explanation eventually. I much prefer a creatures from the deep or a military experiment gone wrong to the idea of alien invasion. I often find this to be a lazy explanation in th modern world of film. I also hope they dont go down the route of 'we are being punished due to destruction of the earth' a worthy cause but an overused plot of late! In conclusion, A SEQUEL PLEASE!!! :-D JJ

cloverfeild was an awsome film! the way it was shot was incredible, it really gave it a good effect. the film confused me a bit so i had to watch it twice to finally get the storyline, but i still dont understand why the girl exploded becuase one of the monsters bit her. the help us comment at the end of the credits really left a cliffhanger open for a sequel, it maes me think that elizibeth and rob survive. i hope there is a sequel the this film because i want to know what happened to them.



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