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Another secret hidden in Cloverfield ending?

Cloverfield.jpgMatt Reeves, the Director of Cloverfield, has been talking about the possibility of a sequel to Cloverfield again, and not only does he talk more about his idea of revisiting the night through another person's video camera, but he reveals another secret hidden in the ending.

We've already discussed one secret hidden in the ending of the film, but from Reeves words it seems that there's another one, and this one's not an audio secret, it's a visual one.

In an interview for ComingSoon through IGN, who don't give a link to their source, he talks about how the sequel might intersect with this Cloverfield and this other hidden moment in the ending, first let's look at the sequel issue. Now be warned again that this may well contain spoilers for you:

"There's a moment on the Brooklyn Bridge, and there was a guy filming something on the side of the bridge, and Hud sees him filming and he turns over and he sees the ship that's been capsized and sees the headless Statue of Liberty, and then he turns back and this guy's briefly filming him...

...In my mind that was two movies intersecting for a brief moment, and I thought there was something interesting in the idea that this incident happened and there are so many different points of view, and there are several different movies at least happening that evening and we just saw one piece of another."

Now that does sound interesting. Could they have a sequel planned in there, and what could possibly be different from the original story? Surely it would just be the same story from a different view? Could there really be anything new?

Well not only could there be something new but it seems that there's something new hidden in the ending of the film. Matt Reeves goes on to speak about something visual that's hidden in the ending.

"Did you see the thing in the last shot? In the final shot there's a little something, and I don't wanna say what it is. The final shot before the titles. The stuff at Coney Island, there's a little something there and I don't want to give it away 'cause the fun is sort of to find it, but I will say this: there's a funny thing, you look at the shot and until you see it you don't see it and you really don't see it and obviously you don't 'cause none of you have seen it, but once you see it you'll never stop seeing it."

So maybe there is something else for someone to film, or maybe this is something new. Did you see this ending of Cloverfield and what is the Director talking about?



If I remember right, I saw a giant tentacle destroying the Brooklyn Bridge. Definitely not belonging to Cloverfield.

I missed it in seeing the movie, but read about what he's talking about in some detail on the web yesterday.

Obviously, spoilers here.

In the movie's last shot, Rob pans the camera across the ocean and you're supposed to be able to see something fly down and splash into the water on the right side of the screen. Speculation is that what splashes down is either the monster itself or a satellite that has fallen out of orbit and its impact wakes the monster up. This latter theory is apparently related to the movie's viral marketing in which it's learned that the Japanese company referenced reveals that its satellite has malfunctioned.

Or something along those lines.

Cloverfield had a tail, and it looked like thats what destroyed the bridge.

as for the finale shot/scene. if you look closely you see the object fall. It doesn't look large enough to be the monster, but who knows.

It might have been the monster. You have to remember he went to Cony Island months before the going away party and the attack. So maybe they had clues that this was going to happen and just didn't notice it.

The tentcale did kind of look like its tale. the only things was that cloverfield was at another part of the city when the bridge was attacked. Maybe if they make a part 2 the two monsters will fight each other???

About 10 years ago they released a movie called "Godzilla"

It had an ending relating to something that meant that there was going to be a part 2.
Part 2 never showed up but for some unknown reason, there's nibbly bits of this movie that relates to Godzilla..
Remember all the previous stories from Godzilla movies that Godzilla actually takes on other large creatures?
The other "thing" that people may be relating to eg, the guy on the bridge filming the boat, could mean an offspring of the original Godzilla could be alive??

just a speculating but the 2 movies are both set in NY, they both have most of their movie running during the night and they both have a creature that comes out of the water.. also they both have a creature that has been affected by a toxin or nuclear mutation?

at the very end, both of them sitting in ferris wheel and videoing the sea. And I saw a huge spray at the top- right hand side of the screen... i don't know what it was but it was huge, it looks like something coming up from under the sea

related to J's post two before this one....

there is NOTHING AT ALL that has any relation at all the the most recent godzilla movie, and i think speculating that the two are related is taking these investigations in the wrong direction..

if you look at the very end of the movie you do actually see something flying out of the sky its in the right hand side of the screen and is next to the boat in the sea.. and straight after his watch beeps the thing falls from the sky..

its weird talking about capsized b/c i swear in the last scene by the ocean with him and his g/f the boat flips over and just before that somethign falls out of the sky in to the water in the distance ???

Everyone is forgetting some things when discussing a possibility for a sequel:

Did the final strike kill the monster? If it did, there's a good chance that all the parasites were not dealt with by that strike...I think that would be a far better storyline then watching the smae story through another's camera.

What was the final strike anyways? Nuclear? Anyway, I saw the movie on DVD and I have been thinking on it ever since last night. Great movie. Really sad how the couple eat asphalt at the end and then panning back to former life's footage...They should have had the best friend get killed in the choper accident; to have the monster semi "eat" him was a bit far fetched.

What type of camera did those kids use too? I need one of those. Must have been equipped with anti-radiation and night vision option....big bucks...

9.5 out of 10

I think you guys are quite off base here!

Before the "quake" and the capsizing of the ship.... way before in fact:

Something crashes from space in the ocean, a ship (or several ships) move in to investigate... at that point they believe the creature is dead and load it onto the ship to bring it back as either a trophy or to find out more about it... whatever.... anyway...
They're aproaching NY and not far from the shoreline the creature awakens and breaks out... capcising the boat in the process. It then leaps ashore and the film begins (I mean the REAL film not that charecter development at the beginning).

Clearly by the text on screen in the beginning (before the tape begins playing) a cleanup operation has begun or some such thing otherwise how would anyone have recovered the tape to begin with?

Any sequel to this movie (no matter if it's set alongside the first, prequel, or afterwards) I for one will be excited to watch it. Speculation is rediculous as to what this "sequel" will include, when it's set, or what kind of syle it will take... especially as they could change their minds at any time! I'm going to fire up my projector now and watch Cloverfield again with my new speakers :) should be just like at the cinema :)

Oh and before I finish... the shot on the ferris wheel looking out on the sea, top right hand side... object hits the water (hard to see it, but its there)

clover is so big because it at ate the slusho ingredient
know this because samples from parasites contained sea nectar and if they contained clover must have fed on it because the parasites must feed of clover
this exlpains clovers resilance to bombardment on the slusho site it says the sea nectar was only found under amazing pressure and extreme cold this means to feed on it clover would be able to withstand great pressure and temperature explaining its invulnerability
this also could hint at a sequel if it was able to survive mANY army bombardments why wouldnt it be able to survive hammerdown te most powerful non nuclear strike at the goverments disposal

on youtube i saw a video about a thing attacking a oil plataform, i also read about some kind of tagurato or whatever satelite falling down, maybe that satelite awayke the monster and destroy yhe plataform.
And about the escne on the bridge it was probably cloverfield tail, if htere where 2 monsters it would be obyous, but no one knows. I remember i also saw thaat on some scences wher the camera gets white( like when they fall of the elicopter) you can see some mosters movies images like King Kong, try it

Extraordinarily enlightening appreciate it, I believe your current readers could very well want far more items like this continue the excellent hard work.



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