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De Bont's Stopping Power restarts...again

MelissaGeorge.jpgOkay, so we heard that Stopping Power was off after an investor pulled out. However a new investor came forward and the project was back on, that was until they too pulled out and the production went under once again.

Now the news is that Jan de Bont's thriller starring John Cusack, Jason Isaacs and Melissa George is back on after another investor has been found, and the news comes from George herself.

Speaking about her new film 30 Days of Night, Melissa George said of Stopping Power:

"It's back on! First of March. Three days into filming, we were in Berlin, they cancelled the film. It worked out so good, because I'm busy doing other things, and I could come back to shoot HBO and I'm going away next Christmas, and then the strike happens next year, so I'm going to go away in March and do this. Look, anything can change, but it's on. It has to be on."

Her comments come through Coming Soon, and it might well be good news. Some think that this new thriller will be another Speed, while others think that de Bont can bring an exciting action thriller with John Cusack as the test pilot whose mobile home is stolen and he has to race after it in order to save his girlfriend and daughter.

Sounds like a different take on the Speed story, but with Cusack and George are you really thinking you might miss out on it?




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