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Stopping Power cancelled again?

JandeBont.jpgThe Jan de Bont film Stopping Power, which was set to star John Cusack, was sounding superb, and after the first set of troubles on financing were cleared up I thought that the film might get made and we might just see a stonking action film.

However a story out today possibly reveals that another financer has pulled out of the film, and if that's true then the film is positively dead.

Apparently another financer has pulled out of the film and the production company Internationalmedia have cancelled the US $40 million budgeted film again. Once again the company set-up for the film have filed for insolvency.

The story comes from Variety through Empire and sounds identical to the previous one.

I am hoping that this could be a replay of the previous story by accident, but it was released today, and although Variety are known for making mistakes online, I doubt they would make one this big.

John Cusack, Jason Isaacs and Melissa George were all set to star in this film about a test pilot stationed in Berlin who is on vacation with his daughter and girlfriend when their car is hijacked with the daughter inside. He races through a series of high speed chases to catch his hijacked vehicle and rescue his daughter. Cusack was to be the pilot, George his girlfriend and Isaacs the baddie.

Now with Jan de Bont helming the all out action film, it sounded superb and I have a hard time believing that they can't get the funding together for the film.




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