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Finding t.A.T.u. footage online

Tatu.jpgI can't really stretch to tell you that this is a trailer because it's so badly cut and disjointed that it has to be just straight footage. Looking at it you can see long stretches of silence and uninteresting action. It definitely is not a trailer.

However, it does show us Mishca Barton in her dramatic role, although that's really not that much to see.

Roland Joffé directs the film, which you really can't tell from the footage. Frankly I wouldn't be letting anything out about the film in this state, however there is a fair t.A.T.u crowd out there so maybe they'll lap up this footage.

One thing is sure, I'm not. See if you will below.

The clip comes from YouTube through SlashFilm.

Shantel VanSanten, Anton Yelchin, Alex Kaluzhsky and Helena Mattsson are also signed up to star.

Yeah, a mess it is and really not looking like anything I want to see. However if you want to see some more footage of the real t.A.T.u. talking about the story, then Filmstalker has it.



That clip melted my brain for the rest of the afternoon. WOw it's bad.



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