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Jackson replaces Braff on Fletch Won?

JoshuaJackson.jpgAfter the perfect replacement for Chevy Chase, Zach Braff, left the prequel of Fletch entitled Fletch Won, it seemed there could be no one that could replace him. Well apparently there is, Joshua Jackson.

Yes, Joshua Jackson is the man that is being put up for the role and the word is that Bill Lawrence isn't directing anymore, in fact it is Steve Pink, the Director of Accepted and the Writer on Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity - did you know he also acted in the John Cusack film The Sure Thing?

The news comes from IESB through Obsessed With Film. I think the choice of Steve Pink as Director sounds good, although he only has one film under his directing hat, he does have a few good writing and producing credits in there. He sounds like a strong replacement for Bill Lawrence as Director.

Joshua Jackson though? I'm not so sure. Of course he's a good actor and can carry drama or comedy off well, he's shown that, however as a young Chevy Chase / Fletch character? Fletch was great fun, and that character is off the wall, quick fire, and a lot like J.D. from Scrubs, does that sound like a good fit for Jackson? It certainly did for Zach Braff.




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