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Whatever happened to...Bridget Fonda?

BridgetFonda.jpgI just caught the tail end of Lake Placid on TV, and something hit me smack in the face. That gorgeous beaming smile, the biting lip, the soft hair across her face, none other than Bridget Fonda, and it occurred to me, where has she gone from our cinema screens?

I first really remember her from Singles, but looking back there's a few films I remember her from such as Shag, The Godfather: Part III, Drop Dead Fred - oh that was bizarrely funny at the time - and the ripped off for Cars film, Doc Hollywood. Not forgetting the superb Single White Female which really did affect a generation of flat sharing ladies!

Yet what's happened since then? There's so much more in her career...

I hardly remember her in Army of Darkness, and I know of her in The Road to Wellville. In between those she hit the superb US remake of Nikita with The Assassin (Point of No Return) which I really do remember her for, she was really strong in that film, despite the remake stamp.

I caught her in an excellent performance in City Hall alongside Al Pacino and John Cusack, and enjoyed her bikini wearing and tongue sticking out poster for Jackie Brown (was that nine years ago?!). Then let's not forget the superb Sam Raimi directed A Simple Plan before Lake Placid and a few lesser movies leading into 2001 where her career just ends.

So what's happened to her since? Does anyone know? It seems she made a few TV appearances in 2001 (did you know she was in 21 Jump Street?) and that's it. What do you remember from her performances, and which stand out in your mind? Are you a big fan of any in particular?

I'm going to say Singles, The Assassin, A Simple Plan and City Hall. I loved Singles for being so quirky, and she was just so cute in that film. Her naive looking for love, and that "bless you" in the elevator...oh. Yet her acting was really shown in the other three, and seeing her play off the big names in those films, particularly with her performance alongside Gabriel Byrne, brilliant chemistry, moving from hatred and aggression to acceptance and then to a strange needing.

There's not only Fonda either, there are other actors and actresses who have just up and disappeared from the movie industry, but can you think of any? I don't mean that are only sporadically working, I mean that have totally left and people have forgotten about them? I think you'd be hard pressed to find another gem such as Fonda.



Throwing in my Raimi related two cents; she was fantastic in A Simple Plan and really contributed to the mounting tension. Drove the picture along brilliantly.

The Assassin would ahve to be one of if not THE best remake I can think of. I still ahve a place in my heart for Nikita but the Assassin is just superb and her performance was stellar. Real girl next door stuff with the most gripping charm I'd seen in a long time. *Swoon* ;P

She should be getting scripts thrown at her. In a nice way!

Oh, and Jackie Brown.... daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Bridget has moves! lol

yeah, where did she end up? i kinda last remember seeing her in jackie brown.

Good question. Her IMDB listing has been dead for five years!

I also like Bridget Fonda, not a big fan though. I saw her for the first time in "The Godfather III" and since then saw most of her projects including "Singles", "The Assassin" (it was then I discovered ravioli!), "Single White Female" and "City Hall". She must have settled well as a wife and mother thus her absence from the industry.

Lemme have a good think about your last question. And I shall be back!

** The original Lee says...**

pablo - and vice versa? Or am I thinking about the wrong type of film here?

[Tone lowered - sorry, Rich]

great question post again when you find out.

I was a huge Bridget fan back in high school. Singles did me in. Last I heard she married Danny Elfman and settled down. The last film cover I saw her on was some Hallmark Snow Princess (Snow Queen?) movie... Too bad.

I too recently wondered what happened to Bridget. I thought she was wonderful in everything I've seen her in - so I searched around the net. I read on one site that following an auto accident, she married, had a child and has not done any film work since. Good for her! (Bummer for the viewers.)

After watching "The Departed", I just remembered another actor that used to work a lot with Scorsese, the brilliant Joe Pesci. Whatever happened to him? Checked at IMDb and found out that after an 8 year hiatus (his last film being Lethal Weapon IV) he is cast in De Niro's "The Good Shepherd". I cant wait to see him again!

Bridget Fonda is the most talented actress now at days. The film “The Assassin (Point Of No Return)” has a complete set of very natural and simple human emotions where everybody can at some point identify as part of the strongest memories in someone life and Bridget with her special talent, simplicity and beauty makes that moment unforgettable. This connection of emotions happens in many of her films. I like the films “The Kiss of The Dragon”, “Singles” and “Rough Magic”. She has a smile like no other. She is very simple and smart girl. I am a big fan of her and her work. I love her personality. As a good Christian I believe in miracles and angels, but I know that the angels must be like she is and look just like she looks. God bless you Bridget in your marriage, your life, and your work. Please make more films. Your kids are going to be proud of you.

Edy Nino from FL.

Well she certainly does look like an angel...Perhaps slightly devilish though.

The gorgeous lady has focused her efforts on family life. She married composer Danny Elfman in November 2003. The couple had a son early in 2005, Oliver Henry Milton Elfman.

Lucky them, not so for us!

Babejay, thanks a lot for answering this question so thoroughly.

I'd love to see her make a return to film...but I think that's going to be doubtful.

Courtesy of celebritynooz.com:

"Where is She Now: Bridget has been busy being a wife and mother. But she is getting ready to come back to acting. Word is NBC has ordered a TV pilot based on Candace Bushnell's book "Lipstick Jungle". In this book Bushnell (the writer behind Sex and the City) portrays three successful New York Women, who are not looking for Mr. Big but to become their own Mr. Big. The part of the designer was written with Bridget Fonda in mind."

Thanks for that Twinkiefan - any idea if she has accepted the part?

I find her rather bland, myself.

i think she is one of the best actresses. id hate to
not be able see her act anymore
hope to see her soon back on the big screen
However we should respect her for just wanting a normal life for her and her family.
hope she all right....

Well, here we are 7 years since this article was written, and still nothing new from her:(



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