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Boll seeks Borat for Postal?

Borat.jpgLooks like Uwe Boll shows no signs of slowing as he talks from the set of his latest videogame adapted film, Seed. The latest news is that he's approaced Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G or Borat) for the role of Osama in the film of Postal, another videogame conversion.

There's also some big spoiler news if you're a fan of the game and of this upcoming movie, so don't read the next paragraph if you're one of those people...and if you are you need to leave us a comment to explain why so we might understand!

From Skewed and Reviewed comes the news that the character of Gary Coleman will be killed off in Postal.

Seed is currently being filmed at a mental hospital, seems apt, and Boll states that he's after an NC-17 certificate for the film.

Well, if you're interested in it, then you're interested. I don't know though, everytime I see something from Boll I do want to give it a go, but before it gets to the stage of actually sitting down to see it I see something in the trailer or footage and it just turns me off.

Perhaps one of these films can turn me round?




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