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Actual Transformers footage online

Transformers.jpgNo joke, there is actually some real set footage from the new movie of Transformers, Michael Bay allowed Access Hollywood onto the set and they talked with Megan Fox, saw Shia LeBeouf get attacked by a part of a Transformer, and see some pre-visualised computer work of what the Transformers would be doing. Not only that, you can download it and watch it!

The Access Hollywood clip can be downloaded from shortfortheedit [QT] through the official Michael Bay blog.

Have a look now and see what you think, it's there merest glimpse of what a Transformer will look like and do, but it's a beginning. Oh, that onset action has me really excited!



Hmm. Looks pretty good. But I still don't think I'll be seeing it.

Looks good but you don't think you'll see it? Why? Are you terminally ill or something?

I like the llok of the pre-viz, even though it's only a glimpse. That yellow car must be the transformed design of the new equvalent "Bumblebee" character. I like it. If I'm not mistaken, that's the car sold to LeBouf in the movie. Sounds interesting.

This things gonna be huge.

Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Bad Boys 2, The Rock. But, then again, this is Bay taking an existing franchise and making it his own. We'll see once it's released.

Im scared about this! Ive see the Prime picture and Im disapointed ... of course I understand the probleme relate with height of a flat nose truck but still people like me "THE FAN" want to see what we were used too and Im scare that it would be too different to be call The Transformers ... but you know I have hope but Im scared.

Please Michael dont disapointed us

You're saying The Rock was a bad movie?

I'm accused of being a mouthpiece for studios and saying only good things about certain projects quite a bit, so to be fair, I really do hope Michael keeps his "Bay'isms" to a minimal...

I like the design I saw, and bumblebee's design ( if you're right, rynndar and that IS what we're seeing like I hope it is ) is looking sweet...

...but to be fair to the "bay", i've NEVER EVER been let down with his movies. I just think when he's going for a more heart felt approach to action ( like Armageddon ), he misses the mark.

I say look at what he did with "the island" and let's hope that's what he goes for with Transformers. That movie had very very little to cloud the action, the characters were done and directed well, and it went somewhere.

Plus, M.B. is a young guy. He is in a better position to relate to the way us 20- somethings feel about these characters than someone like, say, Jan De Bont or someone liek that.

That said, If transformers ends up sucking, i'm going to be a very very sad little guy.

Has Michael Bay ever made a good movie?? He's a James Cameron wannabe. He should team up with Dean Devlin so they could have a tag-team of bad filmmaking.

R U kidding me? that was a joke right? We wait thru the whole report seeing the same bit of action 3 times in a minute and a half clip. We get to see some semi hot no name actress explain everything we already know and then for all of 4 seconds we see horrible early 1990s style computer animation on a tiny screen. Bay has been keeping the fan at "bay" for too long. Give us a taste or don't expect the majority to give your movie the time of day.

guess it was that bad they took it down !!!!

Dammit, it does look like they've pulled it for now. Hopefully it's a bandwidth issue...however there's no real explanation.

If anyone can find another copy, please post it the link.

Meanwhile, have a look at the latest pictures, Prime and Ratchet perhaps? Pictures here.

"we see horrible early 1990s style computer animation"

Idiot.. its called an animatic, and it is nothing more then a moving storyboard. Or do you even know what a storyboard is?


You wrote that The Island was a good picture in your post. I have to say you definitely sound like a schill on that one. The Island was a horrid film with vapid characters and insipid action sequences such as the fall from the building. I can't believe that someone, anyone, even a janitor that saw it in development, couldn't have told them that was one of the most inane sequences to ever go from concept to execution. How anyone didn't stop that train wreck of a film was beyond me. I guess that the general public stopped it in the end with the abysmal box office returns. ~Gene

Far worse films than the Island have achieved a huge box office. Enough with the correlation between box-office results and quality. There-is-none.

Peter says, "Enough with the correlation between box-office results and quality. There-is-none."

I agree, but I wont dare say which films! LOLOLOL

LOL, some of you guys really crack me up! I love reading the comments. Makes me realize how naive and stupid some people are. No honestly.. it's really funnny!!

Anyways, like alot of you guys out there, I am a big, huge, crazed Transformers fan. Ever since they first started out, I was glued to the TV; never missing an episode. I know why alot of you think the way that you do. You are all scared out of your pants!! Scared that this movie may turn up to be the biggest F***-up of all times.

I don't blame you guys.. I'm also scared. I mean, The Transformers, has become a big part of my childhood or anyone who's childhood who grew up in the 80s!! Plus, I will be damned if anyone thinks of destroying something that means so much, to me and also to alot of people. But, have some faith my fellow Transformers crazed addicts!

I mean, come on.. we have some of the biggest, heavy (action/adventure/sci-fi) hitters backing this movie up! To be honest though, one of the things that I have been worried about was the end look of the special effects. I prayed to God that they would not end up looking cheesey. Oh, before I forget... relaxe people, that little clip is just a test. It is not the real thing that is going to end up in the final cut of the movie!!! JUST REALAXE and TAKE A DEEP BREATH!! REMEMBER IT'S just a TEST CLIP!! Nothing more.

Now, to get back to what I was previously trying to say... I've read that they are going to use a totally new type of CGI. Which in some way, used to scare me, until I saw an example of that CGI (A white flat-nose truck, transforming into what seems to be Optimus Prime, in the middle of the street). Well, to put it miidly.. HOLY S*** that clip was INCREDIBLE!! Now, ever since I saw that... it calmed me down a bit. Hollywood knows what they are doing.. to a point of course! They know they have alot or should I say a S*** load of stuff/reputations/jobs, ridding on this movie.

Also, yes, I do agree with the guy who stated that, he's disapointed seeing that, Hollywood, is not using the Flat nose truck that the public is used to seeing, as Optumis Prime. Plus, to add... I was very surprise reading that they are not using a VW Beetle for Bumble Bee but the new 2008 Chevy Camaro! WHAT THE H*** ARE THEY THINKING?!! I thought to myself... but come to think of it, times has changed since we were kids. To stay with current times, yes... the changes are actually a great idea. To tell you the truth, I rather see O.P. as a Bad ass, big nose truck.. to me, that truck's body style screams out.. DON'T F*** with me!! (You know what I mean... when those damn trucks pull up to your back bumper, you just want to get the hell out of the way! LOL) Plus, Bumble Bee as a fast-bad a** Camaro! YEAH BABY!!Think about it! You know guys love it too!! LOL

Don't worry. I will be getting off my soap box real soon. To finish off, there's this guy who commented that, the Access Hollywood clip looks good but he will not see the movie. NOW WHO IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FOOLING?!!! Now, you know damn well that you will be one of the first people that will probably be pissing on themselves when the first real movie trailer is released!! I should know, due to the fact that.. Me, MYSELF and I WILL be pissing in our pants with excitement, once that railer comes out!! LOL Go ahead and laugh but, damn it.. this is the movie of all movies for us RETRO KIDS!!

So once again, relaxe boys and girls. Have faith, pray, keep your fingers crossed or do whatever you guys do to calm youselves down. Hollywood is just feeding us little itty-bitty morsals at a time to tentilize our pallets (hope I spelled that right). The real deal will be on the 7.4.7. Now, afterwards, if this movie really bites ASS, we can then pick up our: shovels, swords, daggers and pitch forks, while sreaming out "DEATH TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!" LOL

Wasnae me, again...

Is that now 2 or 3 Lees? This is like being at work, only there the surname's the same too. Yes, I was getting email for a finance controller, made interesting reading ;-).

LOL.. Well, the "Lee" that wrote that long a** comment was me; real name is Leevan. Lee for short or jacka**, which is a "cute little nickname" that was given to me by my darling/loving mother! (Now, that's love don't you think? lol).

Anyway, to clear up the air/confusion... No, I'm not a Finance Controller but, I am a Network Engineer. ;-)- Either way, I guess that still makes me a geek huh? Oh well....

what i really like is how people attempt to act like their opinions are somehow evident of their superior intelect.

Guyver, I enjoyed the Island. Everyone I saw it with did too. It had over the top, unbelievable action sequences and actually went somewhere.

And I agree, Peter. The correlation between quality/box office success is a completely bogus point. Heck. Fantasia was a FLOP. look how we revere it nowadays.

And Guyver, I also know someone who thinks the Ten Commandments and Lawrence of Arabia were tripe. Film is subjective. Ever thought of it that way?

Oh and Mike, I know quite a few people who absolutely love Dean Devlin's brainless motion pictures. Independence Day was one of my favorite movies.

Alot of other people like it too. It's just that it's become cool to bash bay here lately.

Check this out.

I think Marlon Brando was a knock off of an actor. he played the same character over and over and over. The Godfather put me to sleep. I couldn't even believe his character in The Island of Dr. Moreau and he was fat.

Now. See? I'm cool. Because I can come up with a negative point about one of the masters.


My, what a reasoned and well backed up point of view!

hmm..some hostility here.. I saw the pic of optimus in his robot mode and truck mode. i dont like the flames, but im still gonna go see it cause its transformers. and bumblebee looks kick ass!!! doesn't he have little horns on his head though? did they put them on him?



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