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Barrymore wants Charlies Angels 3

DrewBarrymore.jpgI'm sure I've seen this before, but rumour today says that Drew Barrymore is pushing for Charlie's Angels 3, and so much so that she's actually going out and asking hot women if they'd be interested in joining. Apparently she's already asked Pink.

From Sky News and through Moviehole comes the comment from Pink:

"It's early days, but we know that while the critics hated it, the fans love them girls. I hope that I get to play my role as a bad girl"

Well she is getting in the acting game, although we've yet to see how Catacombs turns out, and it makes sense for her to continue her onscreen appearance and provide the music in the next one. She had a very short appearance in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

However there's always been firm words from Lucy Liu that she wouldn't return, and would that mean Cameron Diaz would stay out too? Perhaps new actresses for the roles? Now I know these weren't high brow films, but they had plenty of action and fun, what would be wrong with another one? Could they really do it and change two of the three line up? Surely that would just reek of forced sequel too much.



I made such fun of these movies...then my stepson and i watched part 2...

...man, dumb as it was, unrealistic as it got, those were some VERY VERY exciting action sequences!!!

I want to see more THIN MAN.

Never saw the first, but was dragged to see the second by my girlfriend. I thought it sucked!

4 good looking girls on-screen for over 90mins couldn't even rescue this rubbish.

I must admit I saw the first 2 films, it was fun yes, and although I am not a HUGE fan of the franchise, I am sure when it comes out I can find the time to see it.

But please bring Cameron Diaz back, she was the only hilarious character among them 3!

Totally with you Simone - Diaz was my favourite of the 3 also and I hope she comes back. I loved the first movie and it's one I can happily watch again and again, but the sequel lost its way a little. But I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be interested in a third one.



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