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Brosnan for Mrs Doubtfire 2

PierceBrosnan.jpgRobin Williams really wants Pierce Brosnan to return for Mrs Doubtfire 2, and he appears adamant that it's going to happen, despite the project having been stalled for some time.

According to Sky News through Moviehole, Brosnan is going to reprise his role as suitor to Sally Fields, so we can see the same story again played out on screen.

"He was a riot in the first film and we need him for Doubtfire 2"

Yes, nothing to do with the writing, characterisation, script and concept, not at all. Let's just shoe horn the same actors into the same roles and repeat the whole thing again. Where's the originality? We can only hope that the script is going to be something different this time around instead of watching them break up again, Williams turn to drag, carry through the same trodden path in support tights as before...blah blah blah...



i've been hearing about this one for quite some time now. I really hope this gets done. and done right.

mrs doubtfire is a seriously underrated movie. it's a gimicky fare, but it's so heartful and realistic in resolution that it's become one of my favorite movies.

What I really liked about it was how at the end, William's character didn't magically convince his wife to go back with him. And he kept being Mrs. Doubtfire as a tv show host...there's not much they couldn't write into the sequel this time around.

There is nothing worse than a sequel to a one joke movie! By which I mean we have already seen Williams dress up as a Scottish Nanny. What is the point of him doing it again?

Other examples of one joke movies which spawned sequels include...

Beverly Hills Cop
Sister Act

Why what was wrong with Beverly Hills Cop 2 Morbius?

We watched 'Mrs Doubtfire' a lot as a family and loved it, but I'm not sure where they can go with the sequel. Saying that though, I find Williams hilarious so will probably go see it anyway!



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