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Police Squad on DVD

PoliceSquad.jpgOh I am so excited at the news that Police Squad will be released - I am tempted to say loudly IN COLOR! - on DVD! Police Squad is the series that began the whole Naked Gun franchise, and although it had a short run it was superb and hilarious.

Honestly, I can still remember jokes to this day from that series, and when I managed to catch an episode a year or so ago I was in fits again...I loved the practice of them showing the credits and introducing a huge star that was suddenly killed...during the credits. Or the freeze frame at the end where they didn't freeze frame at all, everyone stopped.

The great news comes from MoviesOnline:

Previously released on two laserdiscs, Paramount Home Entertainment has recently confirmed that Police Squad! is indeed being scoped out for a DVD release this year. As early as June to be precise. Director David Zucker reveals that he is scheduled to record commentary tracks for the release, but warns not to expect any deleted material. "I don't know if there's any deleted scenes. In those days, they just threw that stuff away."

I am wetting myself right now...I have to have this DVD! I can't tell you the amount of fun I've just had looking for images...If you haven't seen this you should. Any other Squad fans out there?



Police Squad has hitherto been a notable absentee from DVD release schedules; I'm just hoping this means it'll also be coming out here in Australia.

My favourite gag from the series? The episode where the young couple go out into the Japanese garden... which consists of Japanese people in plant pots. Truly magnificent stuff.

Oh that was a good one. I always remember the episode where they were test firing a gun at the crime scene to get the correct angle of fire...test firing live bullets against a live target every time.

Or at those credits where Drebin was filling his coffee cup and they had to freeze...and the coffee kept flowing.

You had to be there. James, glad there's another fan out there!

You know its good... go buy it.

Doing a stake-out in a key-cutting shop trying to crack a protection racket - Car keys hung on the wall, with House keys and Turkeys.

This would do the wifey's nut. And that alone is reason enough to buy it.

YES!! I can't wait for this to come out. My brother and I loved watching the reruns of this series as kids. I've been hoping we'd see this on DVD.

there is a god!!!
( mogulus freezes as the credits roll, and the criminal he had beaten and handcuffed looks at him, then picks his pocket and gets the keys, undoes the handcuffs and flees. )

only fans of the show will get that.



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