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Le Bourreau des innocents

Film Four Stars

This short film, Le Bourreau des Innocents was a lot of fun and had the entire Dead by Dawn audience in fits of laughter. Strange that so many of these shorts were so funny.

This is the tale of a young, good looking girl out for a camping trip in the middle of nowhere quite alone. Unfortunately she steps into the wrong field and her trip takes a turn for the worse.

LeBourreaudesInnocents.jpgThis is another film that takes the standard horror cliches and turns them into comic moments. However where this differs from the other similar shorts in the festival competition is in the horror. Despite the comedy the film delivers a nice scare and a bucket of blood.

There's also a great piece of animation used to show the main focus of the short at work. This adds to the tension and the question continually running through the audiences minds, how will she get out of it.

Despite some far fetched moments you'll easily keep on through them as they are played as comicly as they are darkly.

The actress is great and gives a natural performance, as well as showing strong comic timing.

The ending will have you cursing at the screen as I certainly was, but you'll love it just the same.



Sounds good Rich. Are these shorts available anywhere? DVD or webview?

I'm not entirely sure, that's a good point though. I could try tracking them down, in fact let me go straight to the Festival Director and see if we can get some info on availability.

SEE! You should have taken a camcorder in with you. Make sure you remember next time. ;-)

And not just that Dave, make whatever Rich has recorded available on Filmstalker for us to download! LOL

Sorry guys, no way.

I talked with the Festival Director and if anyone is after some of these shorts you should contact her who will get you in touch with the filmmakers.

First stop I would suggest check the IMDB entry and look for an official site.

If I've given one of these shorts a 4 or 5 then I really mean it, they are good.

Of course we were kidding.

But I'll be interested to see the shorts.

If you are interested by "LE BOURREAU DES INNOCENTS", you can contact Farid DMS DEBAH, the producer and director of the film, at



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