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Fincher talks Zodiac

DavidFincher.jpgThis time this really is the right Zodiac film from David Fincher, the one about the serial killer from San Francisco who murdered seemingly randomly during the 1960's and 1970's and left cryptic unsolved messages.

I didn't pick up on this before, but the film is going to focus on both the Police and Journalistic investigators who became obsessed with the case. Sounds like an interesting take, rather than lensing the killer throughout. However the question is when will we see it? Due out in 2006 and yet we've been hearing nothing from it, finally Fincher has spoke with a few shots of the film but more technical discussion on the process of filming in digital and using Final Cut Pro. Still, there's a few interesting moments.

From Apple through JoBlo. I can't grab this at work, so feel free to comment and critique below.



According to IMDB, they're currently looking at a November release in the US and December in the UK. I can only presume there hasn't been a lot of hype whipped up around the film for some reason or other, although no doubt we'll get more nearer the time. I just hope it's better than Panic Room; he let me down with that one...

Robert Downey Jr. baby!



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