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New X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers are fantastic

If you didn't realise by now the upcoming X-Men film X-Men: Days of Future Past is packed with talent both old and new, we're seeing the joining of the original X-Men actors with their counterparts from the previous film X-Men: First Class, a fantastic reboot, restart and origins film if ever there was one.

However exciting the prospect of bringing all those great actors on screen it's what's happening behind the camera that has me incredibly interested, the return of Bryan Singer. You might be asking why that's important, well that's easy. He directed and X-Men and X-Men 2.

Not only that but he worked on the story for both films, and it's widely accepted that from the second film things went downhill on the franchise. I don't completely hold to that viewpoint because I didn't think X-Men: The Last Stand (Filmstalker review) was as bad as some said and looking back it can't really be said to be that far from the first two to be a shame on the franchise. Still, it doesn't hold the same dramatic power or characterisation for me and I can see the desire to return to the strengths of the first two films. Plus it backed the franchise into a corner very quickly.

These days if people are going to say anything against the franchise then they should be pointing fingers and laughing at the Wolverine films, any perceived sins from The Last Stand should surely have been forgotten by now, and the Wolverine films aren't really the X-Men series, not really, but it did help to put a a rather strong end to the franchise.

X-Men: First Class did something I really didn't expect, it brought the franchise back to life and pulled in younger talent to replace the established stars, something I see happening in pre-production of other films and I find myself baulking at the idea, but here it worked wonderfully.

What I never expected was that there would be a film that would bring the two groups of actors together, never mind the salary budget but the sheer scale of the production and the story. Only the man who first gave us the X-Men could deliver that, and looking at the two latest trailers it looks like he's done just that.

Bryan Singer is why I'm really excited about the film, sure the two groups of cast together and the storyline but in the hands of Singer this could be something rather special and incredibly dramatic. Unsurprisingly that's what the trailer looks like it's heralding, an incredible, dramatic and tense film.

Here's the International Trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past:

Now here's the US version which has some small changes, both trailers come from TrailerAddict:





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