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Fincher's Gone Girl trailer

GoneGirl.jpgWho wouldn't be excited or at least extremely interested in a new trailer for a David Fincher film? Do you really need me to reel off a list of films he's directed? Well let me give you the highlights - Alien3, oh come on now, it's not that bad; Se7en; The Game; Fight Club; Zodiac; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; The Social Network; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and House of Cards.

So if you didn't realise how good a director he was before then you probably won't be reading this article or watching his next film, but even if you did, looking at the new trailer I'm not sure if you'll still feel the same way. Gone Girl sounds a great project but the trailer isn't selling it well.

Gone Girl is an adaptation of the novel by Gillian Flynn ( / ) with a rewritten ending to deliver a surprise twist even for those who have read the book. It stars Ben Affleck as a man whose wife, played by Rosamund Pike, has disappeared and while the hunt to find her is on the spotlight turns to him as he begins to exhibit strange behaviour.

That, according to the article in The Hollywood Reporter is what is carried through the trailer, the increasing pressure on the lead character as the police and media look towards the husband. Frankly though I don't see it. The musical track is heavily at odds with the film and the snippets of scenes don't really manage to put together a story for me, it's more a string of snapshots from the film.

One thing it does show however is how good the film looks and the promise of an excellent performance from Affleck, have a look and see what you think. Right now the trailer isn't blowing me away and I really hoped it would look special.




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