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Non-Stop trailer, Neesom still has specific skills

NonStop.jpgI like the trailer for Non-Stop, the film from Jaume Collet-Serra that stars Liam Neeson as an Air Marshall, and of course he's world weary and all those usual set-ups, perhaps it's even his last flight as…you know the drill.

Well there is a twist. On board the flight someone has threatened to kill a passenger every twenty minutes if a large ransom isn't paid. Cue twists, suspicion and plenty of action.

Now there are some poor things about the Non-Stop trailer and they all revolve around giving too much away. It should not, for instance, have shown the scenes outside of the plane in so much detail, actually let me allow you to see the trailer first then I'll discuss a few of the issues.

Here is the trailer for Jaume Collet-Serra's Non-Stop which comes through The Hollywood Reporter:

Okay, I'm going straight in there to discuss specific things about the trailer, so back off if you don't want to.

There's no need to see the explosion and the damage to the plane, we've seen this kind of thing before. I would have thought just showing the audience that there are outside moments and that events are going to escalate is enough, maybe a brief shot of the plane flanked by the fighters would have been enough. As it is though we will watch the entire film knowing how high the stakes are going to be raised and for every turn and step up in the pressure we'll always remember how bad it's going to get, and that takes the edge off everything that comes before.

I also have a problem with portraying the Julianne Moore character the way she was for now it looks like she's the evil mastermind, although going by convention that will be distraction and it'll probably turn out to be the Michelle Dockery character or even the Linus Roache character, and that in itself shows where the trailer is doing something right.

We don't know who it's going to be and there are possibilities with the potential for the trailer to have misdirected us, and I love that about trailers and films. There's a lot that the Non-Stop trailer has done well and that's just one of them for it does pile on the questions, the uncertainties, and the action.

There isn't a feeling of the tried and tested action aboard a passenger plane that we've seen so many times before and with the addition of the stylish text messages it does look like there's something more to this film than you might first think.

Of course there's the big twist in there which is both good and bad, why are we seeing so much of the reveal of the set-up? It's great that we know there's going to be a clever turn like that but did we need to have so much spelt out about it?

There is good and bad in the Non-Stop trailer, but the good is heavily outweighing the bad for me.




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