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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, International trailer

JackRyanShadowRecruit.jpgA new trailer was released for the strangely named Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, a title that sounds more videogame than film, and begins the story of Jack Ryan, the character we've seen in a number of films adapted from Tom Clancy novels, now out on his own and under full control of the films rather than of Clancy.

We've already seen one trailer for the film and now comes another, this one with a little extra bite to the cutting and plenty of action. It's actually looking good despite the concerns about the break between Ryan and Clancy.

Of course there are some great things going for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit which do raise it up for me, the biggest perhaps is that Kenneth Branagh is directing, but also the interesting and diverse cast with some strong British names in there and Kevin Costner back with a steely eye and a gun.

I must admit that I've had reservations about the fact that the film would be the first to see the Jack Ryan character separated from the control of the Tom Clancy books and fully in the hands of the film system, I had been thinking they'd turn him into a standard action hero and certainly this trailer isn't doing anything to allay those fears.

However Branagh isn't the typical action director and he delivered a strong superhero action fil in Thor (Filmstalker review), I am excited to see what he could do with Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. What I'm a little less excited about is Chris Pine in the leading role because even in just a few of the moments in the trailer, he's screaming the new Captain Kirk to me - that's a travesty in itself, but it doesn't work with a Jack Ryan film.

Here's the trailer through Deadline for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, I always want to say "International Man of Mystery" on the end of that title.

My biggest fear is the impact that the lack of continuity with the other films. In the films we've seen already he's been set in a certain period, been given many adventures in his life, and in those films even experienced things for the first time, things it looks like he's already experiencing in his first outing.




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