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Thor: The Dark World trailer arrives

ThorTheDarkWorld.jpgWell if superheroes are your fare then the trailer for Thor: The Dark World will please you no end. All the expected beats are there and then some, it even has the action coming to London to try and get more of the international audience on board.

Oh yes I'm being cynical. If I take that head off for a moment I can say that the first film was excellent and Kenneth Branagh did a great job. Now we have the same cast back with Alan Taylor directing, he's been busy with Game of Thrones of late with a lot of television work to his name.

The good news is that cast though and the fact that the story does look a lot darker than the original film. I do love the way it opens with the issue of trust playing such an important role between Thor and Loki, and interestingly it keeps going throughout the trailer.

I'm not sure it does a great job of delivering the threat to Earth and giving it some tangible weight, there's an airy sense of it and of big objects damaging things but other than that I don't get the sense of impending doom.

Still the cast is great, they're all returning and we've got some new names in there too. I doubt it will do poorly, what do you think?

Here's the trailer for Thor: The Dark World:




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