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Riddick trailer screams Pitch Black remake

Riddick.jpgI'm not going to say that much about Riddick other than what I've said already, it's Pitch Black the remake, judging from the trailers we've seen so far anyway. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it will be a bad film just because of the trailers, and even if it does turn out to be a Pitch Black remake that won't be bad because the film was damn good.

However. It does look a little disappointing when there are so many similarities to the original and fans of the Riddick character had been hoping for so much more. Well I had.

Watching this new trailer for Riddick I couldn't help but see the similarities - the hot, desert planet; the creatures which appear to come out in droves at night to hunt; Riddick captured by bounty hunters; Riddick chained up aboard their ship; Riddick threatening to kill the leader within five seconds (i.e. first); the short haired blond among the team; the creatures picking them off one by one; Riddick fighting for survival against the creatures - it all seems so familiar.

However it also looks good, and looks visually better than Pitch Black. Still, is it more than a remake? Surely if the film is like the trailer they realised how close it was to the original? What if the trailer for Riddick has been put together to look like Pitch Black in all these ways for the fans? Well I could buy that idea but surely they would be trying to make it stand alone, surely copying the original so closely would be its own risk?

I'm struggling as to why this trailer for Riddick is the way it is. It is good, but it does look like a Pitch Black remake. Here is the trailer through Deadline:




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