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Watson joins Branagh's live action Cinderella

KennethBranagh.jpgA little while ago it was revealed that the Disney live-action version of Cinderella had lost its director Mark Romanek and it seemed to be floundering a little. Soon after that there were rumours of a new and much more exciting name discussing the position, and today we hear that confirmed with the addition of some interesting cast names.

It sounds like Disney's live-action Cinderella is coming back bigger and better than anyone imagined.

Back in January the news from Vulture through First Showing was that Mark Romanek, who was set to direct the film, had left the production but that someone new was discussing taking the role and considering the material they have directed before and how Shakespearean they are, this match-up was teasing a lot.

Now that looks to be set in stone as news from Variety confirms that Kenneth Branagh is set to direct, and for me that's very exciting.

Branagh is most known, and most loved by many, for his amazing Shakespearean adaptations, just get your hands on his full text Hamlet adaptation as well as his Much Ado About Nothing and Love's Labour's Lost, they are fantastic. Which reminds me, while I'm writing about this I'll ask again why there's no Blu-ray release of Hamlet as yet.

Anyway, taking that expertise and talent and putting it behind a fairy tale such as Cinderella has got the potential to give it much more dramatic weight and poise, delivering a far less sickly sweet Disney story and something with potential, with bite, aimed a bit more towards the adults than the kids. I'm hopeful and if he is allowed to get his hands on the script, even a little, then so much the better. Currently the script is written by Chris Weitz based on a pitch by Aline Brosh McKenna.

Along with the story comes news of the cast, before it was rumoured that Cate Blanchett would be staying on in the role as the wicked stepmother and that seems to be borne out by the latest news, along with that there's a new rumour, that Emma Watson is in talks to play Cinderella.

It is worth noting that even the story itself says that these talks are early and there's a long way to go as yet, but still it's suggesting a very good line-up.

I have to admit I'm more excited by the fact that Branagh is directing than anything else, but Blanchett and Watson are great actresses for the roles.




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