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Sleep Tight trailer promises psychological thriller

SleepTight.jpgI'm heading to see Sleep Tight at the Glasgow Film Festival this year and it's a film I'm rather excited about. Directed by one of pair of writer/directors of the REC series Jaume Balagueró and it stars Luis Tosar who I really enjoyed in Cell 211 (Filmstalker review) - does that sound wrong? Marta Etura also leads and was in Cell 211 as well. This isn't going well.

Anyway it seemed like a great film to go and see and now with this trailer it looks a gripping and exciting thriller to go and see, have a look below to find out why.

Here's a blurb for Sleep Tight:

Toiling silently amongst the residents of an everyday Barcelona apartment building, doorman Cesar (Luis Tosar) harbors a dark secret: his sole desire in life is to make others unhappy. When he sets his sights on Clara (Marta Clara), one of his building's cheeriest residents, his sick need blossoms into a full-fledged obsession. Embarking on a series of private and physical violations against Clara, Cesar becomes determined to ruin her life by any means.

Now here's what the Glasgow Film Festival site has to say about the film:

Showered with awards, Sleep Tight is a wonderfully creepy Spanish thriller with a terrific performance from the mighty Luis Tosar as a Barcelona concierge with an unhealthy interest in the building's residents. By day, Cesar (Tosar) is a cordial, crisply efficient concierge in a gorgeous Art Nouveau apartment. After dark, he seems intent on quietly undermining the confidence and trust of the tenants and pursuing his obsession with the beautiful Clara. His outrageous acts gradually escalate in a film that delivers nail-biting tension with a generous side order of tar black humour. A subtle, unsettling affair from the co-director of the REC films.

That says a lot of positive things and if you think where Jaume Balagueró came from you should be excited. Of course if you just think of the REC series as another zombie horror film then you're missing what the first two films offers, it's not just about the usual horror, there's some clever writing and film-making in there.

Here's the trailer for Sleep Tight through TrailerAddict:

Update: I can confirm that I've now actually seen the film and it is a good psychological thriller with some moments that will have you not only tense and squirming in your seat but also siding with the main character, someone it turns out you really shouldn't be siding with. A full review will follow but I'd say it's one to go and see and a strong film from Balagueró to move away from REC.



Spanish thrillers are always original and different, I have been waiting for this movie after Rec(2007)& REC 2(2009).
It is an original thriller which has its values intact and will haunt your inner-self upside down. The story is about a person who is calamitous and he strives for a transcendental happiness through other people related to him.



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