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Stalker's Top Ten 2012: Carmen's Top Ten Films

10FSReel.jpgCarmen has already delivered one strong list for this year's for last year's (figure that one out) Top Tens and it was a really good one looking at the best performances she had seen from the year. Now she's going traditional and delivering her Top Ten.

It's a mixed list and a good one for those of us who have yet to see some of the films released in their home country as it also gives us a mini-review and a rating for each. Get stuck in and see what she thinks are the Top Ten Films of 2012.

Before we head to the first list covering the film world of 2012 here's a quick reminder of how to submit your own list.

It can be about anything you want, film related of course, and it doesn't have to be exactly ten, just make the list under a common theme and write something about each entry, it doesn't have to be much but it does have to be something more than a list, something a little about why you chose it.

Once written just submit your list through the following email link which sends it through to me and helpfully gets filtered into the right folder! .

Oh and remember to include how you'd like to be known in the article along with a link to a site or an online profile for yourself, if you have one.

For some inspiration you can look at the other Stalker's Top Lists from this and previous years.

Back to Carmen's list. You'll remember that she writes about film over on her site CPA Books and Movies Reviews so remember to go and have a look there once you've read her list, I'm sure you'll want to after reading her Top Ten.

People Like Us Five Stars: is touching and heartwarming. It explores themes of family dynamics: marital betrayal, trust and the emotional toll of having two families at the same time. The plot is original and very well developed. People Like Us has a robust screenplay and the actors make the most of it with fantastic results.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Four Stars: The solid script is a breath of fresh air and provides an original backdrop for a love story that has all the ingredients of a classic. The jokes are elaborate yet far between, so this film wouldn't be properly considered a romantic comedy, though comedic elements are certainly present…Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a film about faith, realizing impossible dreams, miracles big and small and the experiences that we can draw from nature….And old fashioned love.

Argo Five Stars: is a wow movie the like of which I hadn't seen this year. It's co-produced, and splendidly acted and directed by Ben Affleck. Out of the myriad of movie directors out there, no one does climatic, full of tension movies as Affleck does. He proved it when directed the devastatingly gritty The Town and Gone Baby Gone, but in my opinion he has outdone himself with Argo.

Cloud Atlas Four Stars: Karma, the connection of lives through the fabric of time is what Cloud Atlas is about. The stories are told in glorious detail; this movie is a feast for the eyes, a giant leap of imagination. Great makeup, costume designs, and astonishing visual effects are almost breathing elements in the story… Cloud Atlas is a movie event that shouldn't be missed!

Flight Four Stars*: Denzel Washington's performance as an alcoholic is so nuanced that the audience gets to watch a man who has gone to the Gates of Hell and has come back by sheer willpower and bad luck with a positive spin. Denzel Washington's acting in Flight is a tour-de-force, Oscar winning material, the best acting by a male I have seen in this and in several years.

Skyfall (Filmstalker review) Four Stars*: Directed by Sam Mendes, Skyfall is a smart, utterly sexy, taut thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie. There is plenty of action, gadgets and explosions to please action junkies. Daniel Craig oozes sex appeal as Bond, his scenes wearing little to nothing burn the screen.

The Dark Knight Rises (Filmstalker review) Four Stars*: With still more surprises under his belt, Christopher Nolan has outdone himself with the last installment of his Batman Trilogy. There are lots of explosions, threats, lots of gun fights and not for the sake of destruction but with plenty of justification within the context of the story. The toys and gadgets are the coolest yet. And if you thought Ra's Al Ghul and the Joker were bad, you haven't seen anything.

Lincoln Four Stars: This is not a great movie, but it is a very good one. Steven Spielberg directs and co-produces the film. Lincoln suffers greatly due to its running for close to 3 hrs, and the heavy political discussions involved that have more resonance these days due to the partisan bickering ubiquitous in Capitol Hill. Despite these flaws, Lincoln shows acting performances for the ages, particularly the ones belonging to Daniel Day-Lewis in the role of Lincoln, Sally Field as Mary Lincoln and Tommy Lee Jones as Representative Stevens.

Silver Linings Playbook Four Stars*: The feel good movie of the year. Masterfully directed and acted, this film is unpretentious, heartwarming and funny. Even though the mental problems the protagonists face get them into funny situations, hysterical even, the movie makes no fun of those issues, it embraces them. Silver Linings Playbook is at the core a romantic movie with plenty of issues worth exploring and beautifully explored.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Four Stars: If anyone had any doubts that director Peter Jackson had lost his Middle Earth mojo, those doubts have been dissipated with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The magic is back and so are the luscious visual effects and the fantastic creatures that populate a realm only J.R.R. Tolkien could have imagined and only someone with the imagination and creative genius of Peter Jackson can bring to life. The result is breathtaking.

A quick note there is that anything with the following icon (Four Stars*) is obviously four and a half stars, I don't have half stars so I quickly improvised!

That's a good list there and I wish I'd written up more of the films I've watched this year to be able to provide reviews for them but Carmen's done a great job there for you.

Flight and Cloud Atlas are on my to watch lists with Cloud Atlas hitting the Glasgow Film Festival this year and preview tickets to Flight in my sweaty hands for the weekend.

What did you think of that Top Ten? Got a better list, or as I first typed a bitter list? Get your thoughts in the comments and let us both know and/or write your own, the details of how to are above.




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