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Lance Armstrong post-confession biographical film

LanceArmstrong.jpgSo Lance Armstrong has finally admitted his guilt, now the destruction of his name and everything he stood for can be carried out "legitimately", before while there were allegations galore it was still all just allegations. Now he's publicly announced his own truth, but is it the whole truth?

Well there's a hope that it isn't since there are Lance Armstrong films yet to come and while we've heard of a number in the past all clinging on to see what the outcome would finally be it seems that they may be beaten to the high ground by a new biographical film just beginning with Paramount and Bad Robot producing.

The companies have purchased rights to the book Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong is currently being written by Juliet Macur, a sports reporter for the New York Times who has covered Lance Armstrong's career for over a decade, which according to is being released on the 18th of June 2013.

There's nothing more on the news, especially anything about the possibility that they might even approach Lance Armstrong himself, after all that would be a major addition to the project wouldn't it? Allow Armstrong to input his own story to the project as well as take that from a reporter who has followed his career so closely from the rise to the fall.

I'm not sure that Armstrong would agree however, I would expect that he would want his story told on his terms and to do that he would have to be the sole input to such a project, and anyway I could see a book coming first and neither would be successful until the attacks have died down on him and his past. Right now he seems set to face lawsuits galore as people continue to run away from him and his image.

We've been hearing about a Lance Armstrong biographical film since way back in 2006 when we heard that Jake Gyllenhaal had been training to play the legendary winner of seven titles in the Tour de France, a record that has now been removed.

In 2009 we heard it was Gary Ross that was set to adapt a screenplay from the book that Lance Armstrong wrote with Sally Jenkins called It's Not About the Bike ( / ) which...

"...traces his story from his difficult Texas upbringing, his cancer diagnosis in 1996, his relationship to first wife Kristin, the birth of their child and his remarkable comeback from illness that saw him first win the Tour de France in 1999."

What a different view that book will give now considering the public announcement that Armstrong has given.

Now we hear through Deadline and L.A. Times that Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot are producing this new film about Lance Armstrong, the first to be really announced post his confession of guilt on the matter of performance enhancing drug taking during the sport.

It's hard to tell how this book or how the film will tell Lance Armstrong's story. Will it be with a hindsight-like contempt for everything the man achieved, or will it also consider what he began achieving for others after his fight through cancer and perhaps that he wasn't the only one taking performance enhancing drugs in the sport, maybe that it was accepted practice at the time.

What I do hope it doesn't do is become another vehicle to attack and destroy the man and everything that he did in his life. While I do agree that his titles should be stripped I do find it saddening that all the work he's done with charities is being tainted as well and that while companies and people are attacking the man they must also consider how all those other cyclists kept up with him and how the other winners of the Tour de France throughout the years have achieved their wins.

Will the film be a balanced view? By the time the story comes through the screenplay process I imagine time will have moved on enough to allow that story to be told. I also wonder what story Lance Armstrong himself will come out with and if he might join a biographical production like this one or whether he will wait a while and produce his own, all telling, autobiography which will no doubt be snapped up for millions by another studio.



I still believe Lance Armstrong is a good man. I hope the film about him will be fair enough on Armstrong and on the people who will be watching it.



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