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New trailer for The Lone Ranger

TheLoneRanger.jpgA new trailer has arrived for The Lone Ranger, the Gore Verbinski directed film with Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp as Tonto. I shall take a dramatic pause for a moment.

I did like the opening, even if Depp's voice for the character which does take a little getting used to, but then the set pieces get bigger and bigger and the rest of the story gets smaller and smaller and I'm wondering yes, it is Pirates of the Caribbean without the Pirates.

The set pieces in the latter half of the trailer do become everything that the trailer is about and there's nothing there about the story or the characters, at this point it's saying "look, it has big action set pieces" and nothing more, and that isn't good.

What is good is the introduction of the characters and the interesting twist that shows us the beginning of the relationship, this I did like.

Here is the new trailer for The Lone Ranger through TrailerAddict:

Well? I'm not so convinced by it, perhaps you are.




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