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Man of Steel trailer is stunning

ManofSteel.jpgI am one who talks about the virtues of Superman Returns (Filmstalker review) and how good it was, yes there were faults in the latter half particularly with the child thread but overall it was a great return to Superman, we can't knock it for that.

Neither can we compare it to Man of Steel which looks like it is genuinely going back to the beginning and reworking the story from scratch. You hear that a lot about re-whatevers, but with Man of Steel and this new trailer it definitely looks to be the case.

Once more with this new Man of Steel trailer we also see the same sort of model for the film and the character that we did with Batman through Christopher Nolan, we're seeing a film that's heavy on the emotion and building a human character first and foremost, in fact Superman doesn't really appear till late on in the trailer and then it's all kept low key with the voiceover still strong on the human side of the story.

It is interesting that it's all about acceptance in the trailer and that the poster we saw recently has Superman in handcuffs with soldiers around him, the same ones that we see at the end of the trailer perhaps just as he voices his concern over whether he will be accepted or not.

That could also be taken as a reference to the film itself, will it be accepted as the new Superman film, the character and indeed the actor as the new Superman? From the looks of this trailer Nolan has passed on a lot of positive learning and Zack Snyder has steered the film in a strong direction as well as David Goyer's script and story.

Let's get straight to that trailer through TrailerAddict and see what you think of the new Superman in Man of Steel:



After seeing this trailer a few days ago, I just cannot be unbiased towards The Man of Steel. I cannot believe that it could end up being anything short of a great movie, a great superhero movie and the best Superman movie. Now let's hope the end result doesn't burst my bubble once it comes out lol.

Funny you should speak of Superman Returns, I had good memories of that movie which I have seen twice (once in French at the theater when it came out and later in English on cable TV). I got to see the movie again a few weeks ago and I have to say, it didn't hold up to my initial fondness... And I use to be a defender of this movie too...

Perhaps the "overall internet opinion" of the movie has rubbed off on me but I found the action scenes were unexciting and too far between. I was a bit uncomfortable with many of the design choices(hair dressing for Superman, especially). Special effects either looked clumsy or didn't age all that well (even though the movie hasn't been released that long ago...). Some if not most of the acting felt overdone... Brandon Routh is not all that bad but it really looks like he's just trying to make his best Christopher Reeves impersonation which he does very well I must say, right down to the smile. The pacing of the movie can be a bit soporific too, I think of the tandem flying scene in particular. That was clearly a wink at the original movie. That kind of scene was impressive back in the 70s and could warrant a several minutes off the run time of the movie back when it wasn't usual for people to fly on the big screen but nowadays, a 15 year with some Adobe Premiere knowledge can also make a convincing flying scene so get on with the movie!

Oh and the plot... I mean, really? That's Lex Luthor's big plan? And how does replacing half the USA with inhabitable, sterile, crystal shaped land ever gonna make him rich? Like they're just gonna keel over and "rent" the damn thing? Like he could actually rule over all that with his 5 henchmen (scratch the one that was flattened with a piano by Superman's son)? Like the entire UN isn't gonna be breathing down his neck 2 minutes later... I mean come on, the whole thing sounds like it's been ripped from a golden age comic book...

Besides all the nitpick which I realize most of this is (like how Brandon Routh's hair looks overgrown and his blue contact lens aren't very subtle and sometimes misaligned or how kryptonite's effects on Superman are downplayed to a point he can take a kryptonite bullet to the chest and still get up not long after and lift a whole Island of the thing when he should be half dead from standing 2 feet away from the thing...)

I find myself at a loss as to why I enjoyed the movie in the first place. I think it all comes down to how it feels like it belongs to another era, you know? The humor, the goofy Lex Luthor, lackluster action... House of cards machinations... It feels like they tried too much to make it "fit" with the old movies and comics in spirit... That earnest, silly and illogical and self aware thing comics and movies once were...

And I'm genuinely sorry Richard if every time I comment these days I sound like I just want to go against your opinion. I don't do it on purpose, I assure you and I actually share your opinion on many occasions lol

The Man of Steel would be good movie to watch. Hope superhero movie will prove to be a super movie.



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